My Fall 2013 Anime Line Up and Some Status Updates



As you may have noticed, the activities of this blog have died down a little. That’s partly because I have been so busy dealing with my real life obligations as a good university student studying for exams and keeping up with school activities and stuffs. Fortunately, I still find some time for my animu and manga.

Anyway, I’m going to start some changes in this blog. Well, I think it already started the last time I changed my blog’s appearance and gravatar…

All I’ve done for the past year (I’m nearing my anniversary so let’s consider it a year now) is write episode commentaries, following them strictly week after week and pouring all my thoughts and reactions in a post. I’ve done fewer editorials because I admit that I’m not one of those that can easily write one… and oh, have the guts to post them.

Now, I’m going to be more flexible with the posts that I want to write. I’ll still cover currently airing shows episodically but I’ll start writing more about anything, anime and manga related. Yeah, you’ve read it right – manga related. I’m going to start blogging about manga as well. But most especially, BL ones.

Oh, don’t look at me like that. I’m a fudanshi, nothing surprising there. I’m just going to give them the appreciation that they deserve especially those gems in the genre. Not because it’s boy’s love it doesn’t have a good substance!

Anyway, enough with that. You can look at the pictures below for my Fall 2013 Anime Line Up.


I’ve been really excited for the second season of Magi, Kuroko no Basket and Kakumeiki Valvrave. I’ve been following the manga of Magi and I must say that things are getting a little bit more interesting and exciting. More characters… yeah, moooooore characters. As for Kuroko no Basket, I’ve heard a lot of good things about this Teiko Arc and I think it will be covered this season. Correct me if I’m wrong though, I’m not reading the manga. I plan to, after the airing of the anime.

If you have read my Kakumeiki Valvrave post, you have already known how much I like this show. It’s a super fun series, y’know? I won’t let other people tell me otherwise. As for this new KyoAni show, Kyoukai no Kanata, well I don’t know anything about this show except for its synopsis. But given that it’s from KyoAni, I’ll definitely watch this one.

Giving a Try

For these shows, I’m going with them blindly. I don’t watch PV, I just read the synopsis. Well, I’m just going to rely on my guts feeling that I will like them. Meganebu! has a lot of guys to ship, so I think it will click on my taste. After Henneko, J.C. Staff has been quite good with comedies so I expect Golden Time to be as enjoyable. Log Horizon reminds me a bit of Sword Art Online, and with cute character designs, P.A. Works original Nagi no Asukara, seems to be something to be looking forward to. Super Seisyun Brothers looks quite good and Unbreakable Machine-Doll sounds interesting basing on their synopsis.



These OVAs are also something to look forward to this season. Can’t wait to see what happened to Ledo and Amy…

Since the start of the Fall season falls on our Final exams, I don’t think I’ll be able to put up some first impressions but I’ll try. Also, there’s a local anime event that I’m planning to attend. I’ll tell you guys about that if ever I’ll be able to attend. After that, our second semester is looking quite easy basing on the subjects so I can focus more on my anime. Good news right?

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m still quite busy this season so expect fewer posts from me. See you around!

15 thoughts on “My Fall 2013 Anime Line Up and Some Status Updates

  1. hello shiizumi. amazing blog you have here 😀 nice to know you’ll be back this fall. do you mind if we do a link exchange xD . i’m quite new to blogging :D. and are u a girl?. im just amaze with ur blog keep it up!

  2. wow! i really like your blog layout… with all the anime you are planning to watch, we only have free in common. though you are planning to watch the OVA while i am watching the series right now.

    free is good. well, kinda angst-y at times but fairly good. there are moments that it’s bordering shounen-ai but oh well, it’s cute. only thing i don’t like is rin’s teeth. it’s so creepy o_O

    • Glad you like it. It’s quite neat, isn’t it?

      I’m also watching Free! and so far it’s great. The relationships among the guys are really something to watch for. And oh, the endless ships! 😉

  3. personally I think that this year’s Fall is a bit weak… but hopefully that’s just on the surface (or maybe that’s just me)

    forget Teiko arc of KuroBas for now, there’s still a few matches at the beginning of Winter Cup and some are just plain meh and some are pretty great (I’m actually looking forward to the match between Akashi and Midorima (Rakuzan and Shutoku if I’m not mistaken) deym Midorima x Takao teamwork there. I’ll never forget that, hahaha). well that just reminded me that I have to catch up to the manga -_-
    for some reasons I didn’t exactly enjoyed Valvrave… I’m not exactly sure about following the 2nd season but it looks interesting and probably better (I think)…
    Kyoukai no Kanata is… well KyoAni… I remember watching the PV and it looks pretty good… and the synopsis is pretty damn interesting already, I think…

    ~which event are you attending btw? BoA? :3

    • I’m more excited about the fall season compared to this one, maybe because I have some familiar shows to watch.

      Midorima x Takao is really something to look forward to in KuroBasu. Also, I really want to see Akashi and Murasakibara on the court. I’m super excited, really.

      Anyway, I’m planning of attending Cosplay Mania with TPAB. However, I’m still 75% unsure because the day after that event will be our final exams. That would be the very first anime event that I have attended to, if ever. Is that event good?

      • well seeing both Akashi and Murasakibara on court is definitely something new… but Murasakibara isn’t exactly anything special… but Akashi is… well… his ability personally makes me curious on how it’ll be shown… so I guess I can add that to the things I’ll looking forward to this season of KuroBas.

        before finals? ohgod, that sucks… if my final exams would get scheduled the same way, I’ll honestly won’t go -__- anyway, I’ve never actually attended Cosplay Mania but I’m guessing it’s the same as other events (just more cosplay competitions perhaps)… attending events is always tiring but definitely fun. since it’s Cosplay Mania I’m guessing that most people have decent (if not great) cosplays which is a good thing :3 and don’t forget those many booths they have. that’s what I personally like about them XD but that damn finals is definitely something you should consider first -__-

  4. For me it’s going to be Non Non Biyori above everything else, while giving a shot to Kyoukai no Kanata, Machine Doll, Nagi no Asakura. Kill la Kill and Arpeggio.
    And, as usual, some titles might be coming up as they start airing. Oh, also forgot Aikatsu 2.

    • I’m going to try all of the show that will air (except those second seasons which I don’t have prior history) but the list above will be my priority 🙂 Kill la kill seems to be quite popular, even now…

      • Yeah, Kill la Kill seems to have stirred quite the interest especially in the west – I think it’s gonna be the biggest hit-or-miss title this season.

  5. Nice set of shows, only one I won’t be watching here is Kuroko no Basket since I have no prior history with the show.

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