Summer 2013 Anime Final Impressions

BloodLad_posterSummer season finally comes to an end. It offered us a lot of good and entertaining shows but unfortunately, I’ve only managed to follow a handful because *insert reasons*. Anyway, the end is always the start of a new beginning. Fall season already started but since I’m still quite busy with my university stuffs, I still haven’t watched any of them. Anyway, lemme give you my say regarding the shows that I managed to watch this season.

Blood lad (7/10)

Only 10 episodes huh? The last episode left me hanging and I’m sure that’s the case to a lot of you. The show is quite enjoyable for me. Though I’ve lost interest halfway through because of the repetitive formula, it manages to redeem itself by the second half. It is quite disappointing because I expected some great clash of powers coming from Staz but perhaps they are reserving it for another season? Who knows! The characters are all likable. The romance is quite forced between Staz and Fuyumi, but maybe that’s because I really ship Staz and Bell. They have chemistry and Bell is the best girl. REALLY. Anyway, with only 10 episodes, it didn’t overstay its welcome so that’s a good thing.


Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist (7/10)

For me, this is the gayest show of the season. People are claiming that Free! is so gay? Huh, let them watch this show. The guys definitely don’t know how to respect each other’s personal spaces! I can’t count the times when two guys are face to face like they’re going to kiss any second. NOT THAT I AM COMPLAINING. The concept is good and has a lot of potentials. I’d really like to know more about Solomon and the 72 Lesser Keys. But heck, the show is just running around the bushes not dealing with the plot heads on. Yeah, it explained a hell lot of things about Solomon on the final episode but isn’t it a bit too late? I dunno with the manga because I heard the anime skipped a lot of chapters. The characters are all beautiful and sexy, of course, and I SHIP THEM WITH ONE ANOTHER. The show just managed to trigger my shipping sensors, which made me excited every time a new episode comes out. My guilty pleasure indeed.


SENYUU 2 (6/10)

The only short that I watched this season. It’s a nice way to spend some minutes because it’s a really fun show. But I guess I like the first season more because it’s funnier. Maybe because they focus more on the plot this time? Or maybe because there’s less screen time for the badass Ross (not until the end).



I’ve enjoyed watching this show during the first couple of weeks. However, as the show went by I find myself cringing at some episodes because the show really did well in making Kuroki’s situation unbearable to watch. I’d like to think that that’s really what the goal of those scenes and with that I’d like to commend it. There are also some heart-warming scenes here and there, which became so effective after watching some cringe-worthy scenes. My favorite is episode 11, which builds up all the misfortunes of Kuroki then the HUG is just soo… I remembered that I teared up a little. That kind of moments is what I liked about this show… and also some of its comedy.

free (2)

FREE! (7/10)

I SHIP MAKOTO x HARU. Such a lovely couple.

No really, this is no BL. That’s rich coming from a fudanshi like me. It’s just a show with lots of hot guys, occasionally, in their tight swimming trunks. It shows their friendship and some reoccurring KyoAni themes like talent vs. hard work and following your own dreams. The plot is quite generic but it was handled so well that it became a lot more something. Plus, the visuals and animation! Beautiful. I like the show and the characters but I dunno if I’ll be able to remember this show few years from now. Well, that’s in case the ship dies down.

servant x service


Gosh, from the maker of one of my favorite shows, Working!!, this show lived up to my expectations. I had so many laughs on this one because of its well-timed execution of its jokes. The romance is also a very great part of this show with all the couples so sweet, funny and all. I love ALL the characters, honest! Even that bunny manager and tsundere imouto. I can’t choose my favorite because they all weigh the same in my heart. I want more!

Dangan Ronpa The Animation


The most enjoyable and fun show of the season. There’s not a single episode that gotten me bored and I replayed some episodes at times. Maybe because of its mega ultra fast pacing but I guess it’s more on the setting of the show. I’ve even written a post regarding what I would do when I’m in that set-up. That much is an evidence on how much I enjoyed the show. However, there are a whole lot of problems when it comes to this adaptation. Okay, I’ve never played the game but I’ve read the Let’s Play. It’s very different, indeed, because it’s just like reading/watching someone else play the game. But I’ve got at least 90% of the story less the experience. The thing that the show lacks, for me, is the character depths and interaction. They focused more on the story/mystery, which are also often times overlooked because of its pacing. I’ve recommended this show to a friend of mine and so far, she’s enjoying it so much. I guess, it’s just really a fun show to watch.

Oh by the way, I’ve been reading super dangan ronpa 2 and so far, it’s a whole lot better! With Monomi showing up in the last seconds of the video, there’s a HOPE in me that they’ll do another adaptation.

gatchaman crowds


Okay, Gatchaman Crowds. I watched the first two episodes and planned to put it on hold because I don’t get what’s going on. I tried to see what the others had been babbling about it but I failed the first time. Then, I picked it up again for the sole reason of watching this super cute and beautiful cross dresser named Rui. And… I liked it. Silly. Maybe 40% of the reason is because of him.

Reading some theories and editorials about this show added some enjoyment on my part. They discussed about the art (throwing names I didn’t recognize), did some character studies etc. I can’t pinpoint what the remaining 60% is because I really don’t know if this show is really that DEEP as what the others are trying to say (which means I’m dumb) or it’s just a pretentious show… I really don’t know. Don’t get the wrong idea, the entertainment value is quite high so I enjoyed it just the way it is though the ending is kind of disappointing.



Okay, Shingeki no Kyojin has a great concept and setting. The world where humanity is in the brink of extinction because of these creepy human-eating titans is one of the most interesting set-up I’ve come across. The very bleak atmosphere, from the very first episode, is emanating from the screen affecting those who are watching it. For me, who’s so into the story, an audience who imagines himself as part of the show, this is great. I feel the adrenaline of fighting the titans, the feeling of hopelessness, the overwhelming sadness and pity for those who are eaten by titans etc. However, there are also times when I don’t feel anything when I’m watching some episodes. But good thing, when the show starts to pick up once again, it’s really great.

This show lived up to my expectations, but unfortunately, that’s not the case to some people. Anyway, this would be added to my “most memorable show” list. I’ve really enjoyed discussing it with my real life friends because it’s quite popular. No, quite is an understatement.

I hope that there’ll be a second season but for the meantime, I’ll be reading the manga.


So that’s it folks. Overall, it’s a pretty good season. There are also shows that I’ve put on hold like the well received Uchouten Kazoku, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi and Gin no Saji. I’ll get to them some other times but for now, it’s time for the FALL SEASON!

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