Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 1

Alibaba x MorMy most anticipated show of the season is back and its first episode didn’t disappoint. We are shown right away with what the show will offer us by the time the anime reaches its climax. Although it is some kind of a spoiler for some, I think that way of starting the show is somewhat good. Not the smartest move, yes, but it definitely did not ruin the show. In fact, I like how it tries to give the audience what to expect in the future.

I’ve been following the manga so I’m more or less aware of where the story is heading but since I’m going to blog this show this season, I’ll try not to give some spoilers. What I really like about Magi is that, it can tackle some very serious and dark shits despite its seemingly cute and vibrant look on the surface. It’s one of the few shounen anime/manga out there that I really like.

The husbando and the waifu <3

The husbando and the waifu ❤

Going back to this episode, I like how the show focused on Sinbad’s motives. He is definitely “plotting” something, whatever it is, it’s not that good. His talk with his ever-so-loyal waifu general, Ja’far, says a lot about him. We are already given some hints during the first season about him halfway falling into depravity, so what’s stopping him from falling into it completely? Though he’s not a bad person, he’s not the kindest one. He was once like Alibaba and friends but now that he has some “possessions”, he changed. He’s collecting forces, from what we can observe, for some unknown reasons. I think that his Seven Seas Alliance is a REALLY strong force already but adding Aladdin on his side will definitely be a booster. Now, I wonder what he’s really after. He’s not the one who’ll invade other territories though so it means that he may be doing this to protect his possessions, and those are his beloved Kingdom and his people. Who knows!

I'm torn between two ships! Ugh

I’m torn between two ships! Ugh

There are some Sinbad x Kougyoku moments there but it’s rather ruined by Sinbad’s pretentious acts to get the Princess’ favor. Oh my Sinbad, don’t make me hate you. I love Kougyoko so don’t hurt her!

Somehow, I feel that he’s going to be a villain. It will be quite interesting though because he is considered as the strongest human in the magiverse, with seven djinns and all. I’m definitely looking forward on what the future holds for him.

hakuryuu, alibaba, aladdin, mor

I truly wish that the four of them will be together forever…

Now let’s talk about the trio. Alibaba, Morgiana and Aladdin are now going separate ways. Yes, it’s sad but they need it for their growth. It seems that Alibaba intends to stay in the Sindria Kingdom, with no future goal in mind. He also thought that Morgiana will do the same but she has a goal of going to that Fanalis’ land, remember? And yeah, Aladdin is setting off on a journey on his own because he has a mission. Don’t worry; the rukh will guide the three of them.

pervert aladdin

Oh Aladdin….

Aladdin is just the cutest. He is one of the things that I’ve miss about this show. This chibi is just so kawaii. Also, his oppai fetish – to the maximum level! Alibaba should learn from him.

Anyway, I really love the new OP. I don’t know but, it was sung by the same singer of the season 1’s OP right? There are some characters that I’m looking forward to see but I think “they” might appear in the second OP assuming that it’s two cour again.

Things are going to be a lot more interesting, I just hope that this adaptation won’t ruin it.

7 stars

3 thoughts on “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 1

  1. SinJa > SinRen. No competition whatsoever. By the way, as an anime-only viewer, I really enjoyed the darker side of Sinbad as we saw in this episode.

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