Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 3


What a really funny episode we have here!

I’m like laughing out loud on how well the show executed those scenes from the manga. Alibaba decided to tag along with his friends but also with a goal in mind. Since he isn’t able to do a full body djinn equip, he decided to visit the Reim Empire to train his magoi manipulation. King Sinbad told him that something got mixed on his original magoi, pretty much similar to him before.

The Bullies

I love the look on their faces

I really love how the three bullied our poor Alibaba. I mean, it’s really hard to hear some of the people close to you talk about you, behind your back, because you know that what they said is true. Even as a joke, parts of them are true, right? And oh, Morgiana is such an honest person there. That scene back from Balbadd Arc is just so funny.

I really LOL'd on this scene.

I really LOL’d on this scene.

The bullying doesn’t stop there, Hakuryuu keeps on interrupting Alibaba’s glorious moment of explaining his journey to his friends. And then, poof, he is suddenly knocking over those blocks in the corner. Poor Alibaba, lemme comfort you.



Anyway, Hakuryuu x Morgiana shippers REJOICE! Hakuryuu is such a cute guy and he is also a gentleman. Look at how well he respected Morgianna, especially when he discovered what happened in Balbadd with Alibaba. I’m really shipping those two so hard but I also want Alibaba to have Morgianna. WHUT. I wonder if this love triangle will cause some troubles for them in the future.

Again, there will always be a “Sinbad” part on my post. It seems that even though he is reluctant to let those four go, he had to because if he push them to stay he might lose his very important battle pieces. His speech that goes somewhat like this “make sure to come back to me” pretty much gave away his intention of not totally letting them go. He will just let them grow first as a person so that they will become more valuable to him in the future. Again, I am not so sure if Sinbad is all that bad but definitely, he is very manipulative.

You guys better look forward for him <3

You guys better look forward for him ❤

So this episode is very calm and funny. But the upcoming events will surely make up for them. This pirates’ arc is somewhat creepy so let us look forward to it together!

8 stars

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