Valvrave The Liberator 2 Episode 3


Oh Valvrave, can you stop being so awesome? I love you so much already!

Even during the first season, I’ve been waiting for Marie to have her own defining moment. Despite the fact that she haven’t done anything that much until now, I consider her as one of the best characters of the show. I mean, she’s way too cool and she loves boobs. Er- much more on the latter.

Um, Haruto, you have a mission...

Um, Haruto, you have a mission…

As the show goes by, Marie’s importance to the plot is slowly getting more and more evident. During episode 2, we got hinted that she lost her memories and she’s looking forward to go back to the Earth to recover them. I initially thought that maybe she is Princess Lisselott’s long lost twin sister or something like that. But man, the revelation on this episode is beyond my expectations.

She’s an immortal.



Well, after entering the unit 001 and learning that Pino (The Valvrave OS-tan) and she are friends five years ago, I’m not that surprised. What’s more shocking is that L-Elf shots her head with the goal of killing her! If she weren’t immortal and she got killed by L-Elf, I think I won’t like L-Elf that much anymore. Also, it would be partly Haruto’s fault because his priorities are kind of messed up. C’mmon dude, you’re on a mission. Thankfully, that’s not the case so I’m still with L-Elf here.

Now, I’m thinking that maybe Marie is part of the Valvrave experiment before and gotten her memories erased. She’s friends with the real OS-tan whose whereabouts of her real body unknown. If what I’m thinking is correct, maybe she’s also going to pilot a valvrave or something. That’s quite asking for more, I think.

You see the mixture of L-Elf and Haruto? Cute.

You see the mixture of L-Elf and Haruto? Cute.

Another intriguing part of this episode is the first part wherein Future Saki is telling the story of the first Kamitsuki to the Prince. The kid resembles L-Elf and Haruto so maybe, just maybe, my (our) ship finally bears fruit! Hooooooray! That’s not farfetched right?

Also, Akira’s brother is still alive after 200 years! Maybe all of them became immortals and now living peacefully in that future place.

I’m really looking forward to the next episode. I didn’t know that waiting can be this painful. I hope that Akira and Saki’s mission would be all right but knowing valvrave, it won’t go smoothly as I’d like it to.

Anyway, I’m still not sure whether I’ll be able to blog this show episodically. I’d like to fanboy over this show on secret! But don’t worry, this won’t be the last time you’ll hear from me about this show.

9 stars

4 thoughts on “Valvrave The Liberator 2 Episode 3

  1. perhaps the first kamitsuki saki was referring to was marie; usually those future clips have some sort of plot or thematic connection to the episode so it could be. L-elf’s shooting of marie came off as rash even for him, haruto not helping out with the mission came of as just plain irresponsible, and the dorssian bad-ass weapon having such a glaring weakness was so trite, wrapping up the nicely-knit bow of silliness only valvare could pull off…in other words yet another entertaining episode. i have to say, the tone of this series has shifted a bit from last season which can also be seen with the tweak in the art such as the tone of colors used, the way the characters are drawn compared to last season, and the unfolding revelations. Quite enjoyable indeed.

    • Yeah, it’s possible that Marie is the first Kamitsuki given the focus given to her in this episode. I won’t judge L-Elf’s actions just yet because there’s still a chance that he knew all along about Marie. Just a small chance. But nonetheless, I’m still thankful that he didn’t managed to kill her.

      I think the change in tone has something to do with the show wrapping up some of the questions and it takes a deal of caution on their part. They’re a lot more “free” during the first season but I can definitely say that both seasons are satisfying.

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