Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 4


Uum Madaura.

That is the name of the leader of the Pirates’ Crew who attacked Sindria’s ship to steal their precious cargoes. Their abilities are nothing compared to our four heroes but the fact that they are just children and are using magic tools is a bit alarming. Based on this episode, we can conclude that these kids are stealing from others and kidnapping all those poor kids so that they can take care of them. Since they are from the slums, they can’t eat proper meals and they can’t sleep that well without worrying whether they’ll be able to eat at all tomorrow. Uum Madaura, the Great Mother, offers all the things that they need to survive in this world. Foods, security, name it. That’s probably why these kids are happy, contented and loving to their “mother”. The intention is good but the way that they’re accomplishing it is wrong. However, I believe that that’s just on the surface.

These kids don't know what's their real situation

These kids don’t know what’s their real situation

You see, in order to maintain that bubble-something, they exhaust the kid’s magoi! They can die from that, right? But heck, the kids don’t mind. They would do anything for Uum Madaura, even to die. Poor lil kids.



Aside from the fact that Aladdin is kidnapped, Alibaba became more determined to help the people from the slums to save their children. I mean, the Actian government are not giving them any help and are always finding some excuses. That’s the same discrimination that Alibaba witnessed himself in his Kingdom, Balbadd. He wouldn’t let that to happen again so he offered them a hand without asking for anything in return.  I can feel the emotions of those people and seeing them smile in relief makes me happy.

These two crack me up LOL

These two crack me up LOL

Now, the trio went to the unknown base of the pirates through the help of Hakuryuu. I’d like to note that Hakuryuu has done much progress in mastering Zagan. He truly shined in this episode showing his capabilities, including his Magoi Manipulation. I wouldn’t hold it past Alibaba that he’s kinda jealous of him. I mean, Hakuryuu just recently obtained his djinn and yet I can say that Alibaba’s progress is way below him. And based on their silly conversation, we can conclude that he already know how to do a Full Body Djinn Equip.

These three are ready for some action!

These three are ready for some action!

Anyway, things are going to be a lot more interesting next episode as they raid the enemies’ army. The preview shows us that those little kids are pointing their knives towards our heroes. It is going to be quite emotional for Hakuryuu, Morgiana, Alibaba and Aladdin next episode… and also for me.

7 stars

2 thoughts on “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 4

  1. I find the plot of the pirate’s arc to be quite interesting, but something about the pacing of this episode felt off to me. There were a number of moments that dragged a little in the show, whereas I interpreted them as frenetic in the manga. A minor nitpick, in the grand scheme.

    I was a little frustrated too, by the clash between the grieving parents and the Actian sailors. I think it played exactly the same as the manga, but I was frustrated there too. The whole scene was heavy handed, and the idea of two guards with spears blocking a whole frustrated mass of people when the street was easily wide enough to give the advantage to the mob and the sailors were using their spears as staffs instead of sharp pointy things… That took away any sense of weight that scene could have had. I was too busy criticizing their combat strategy to feel immersed in the story.

    On the other hand, Ali Baba’ and Hakuryu’s conversation about Djinn Equip was note perfect, Aum Madara’s voice actor nails the voice I had imagined for her, and any scene where Morgiana launches people 50 meters into the air makes me happy.

    I look forward to the next episode too!

    • I also feel like this episode is a bit dragged but I guess I don’t mind it that much. Well, since I already know what will happen I’m just enjoying every bit of Magi being animated. But good observations there 🙂

      Anyway, I’ll buy every scenes where Morgiana is being awesome. And also, when the characters (like Alibaba) are being dorks xD

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