Valvrave the Liberator 2 Episode 4

Kakumeiki-Valvrave-2-Ep-4-Img-0025I think my favorite character just died, let me grieve.

Okay, so we are not yet sure of what becomes of Marie Nobi – the test pilot of Valvrave 01. You know what? I would have preferred that she died in that headshot rather that to experience this kind of suffering. One by one, all of her memories from the past two years are literally shattered just to save the butts of her comrades believing that she could create new ones.

This smile breaks my kokoro

This smile breaks my kokoro

Just hear my heart breaks.

She is an immortal so I thought that she is already safe from all the death flags that have been raised for her but, Sunrise has another method of killing a character. I believe that her body is still alive but losing all the information of herself is like losing her very soul. She can be considered as dead by now. Also, Pino already bid her farewell so I wouldn’t hold my hopes up next week.

Pretty :)

Pretty 🙂

What I’m grateful though is that she died (?) as a hero. The way she manoeuvred the unit 01 is way beyond Haruto’s. Well, that’s expected because Pino is consuming Marie’s runes directly while in Haruto’s case, she consumes the runes that Haruto gets from biting other people. Also, Marie’s limiter is broken that’s why her runes are being used to the maximum, without limit. I think that’s also the reason why all of her memories are being consumed at a fast rate. You see in her fight, the valvrave is emitting so much “glow” or energy so it’s the same as if her runes are leaking. That’s the reason why she was fired as the test pilot of valvrave.

Damn you 666

Damn you 666

I’m just wondering why the valvrave used Marie’s runes but not in Haruto’s case. Does it only have to do with the limiter stuff? I dunno but if the scientists already modified the valvrave based on their failure with Marie, it shouldn’t turn out like this.

Anyway, I like the attention given to L-Elf’s former comrades and their past. It just shows that they suffered at such young age. Killing their friend just to survive must have hurt them. And look, it was L-Elf again who did the dirty job. I think he’s already broken beyond repair.


She finally made her appearance, after a looong time

Now that the group managed to steal a way of transport to get out of the Dorssian territory, I’m just worried because they left Saki with A-Drei and the whereabouts of her and Akira’s bodies are still unknown. I hope they didn’t leave them on that cliff.

This kid is so cute, acting girly and all

This kid is so cute, acting girly and all

Overall, I think that this episode is GREAT despite what happened to Marie. The moment she decided to pilot the valvrave and the first season’s second ED was played, gosh, it gave me the chills. I really couldn’t believe that her character would turn out like that. I couldn’t wish for more.

Next episode please!

10 stars


2 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator 2 Episode 4

  1. My theory is that Marie with her limiter broken consumed all the “stored up” Runes really really fast, so it hard to get new Runes from her memories. Interestingly enough this means that a Valrave’s power output is determined by the pilot’s mind/body rather than a switch or mechanism on the machine.

    • That’s another way to put it. Apparently, Unit 01 and 02 are the only unique ones. The other valvraves consume runes collected by Haruto (in unit 01) as evidenced with all of them shutting down when he is suppressing the urge to bite anyone. Does that mean that unit 01 is the power source of all the valvraves? I still don’t know. Mind sharing your ideas?

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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