One Year of Random Anime Ramblings


Congratulations to me and to my readers!

Today marks the first anniversary of Shiizumi’s Anime Blog! I really can’t believe that one year has passed since I first decided to create this blog. Time sure flies so fast! Anyway, this post is supposed to be a look back on how it all started.

It’s exactly one year ago when I decided to create this blog. I have no experience and all when it comes to blogging and I also don’t read much of them. Wait, I do have a tumblr account but I can’t really count reblogging pictures as blogging, so yeah. Actually, I wanted to become a novelist. Quite assuming on my part because I also don’t have some backgrounds when it comes to literature and creative writing. Impulse, I guess? I wanted to improve my voice and at the same time be read by people so I decided:

“Why not create a blog?”

Blogging gives you the opportunity to reach readers and to let them read your writings, no matter how awful it may be. At the same time, you’re slowly improving. That’s the reason why I gave it a go. The next thing that I asked myself is:

“What should I blog?”

I don’t really like doing a personal blog because who would read such boring things about me? Instagram and Facebook are enough. So that’s a no-no. I only have a few interests and that includes reading books and watching anime. Of the two, blogging about anime seems to be a bit more interesting. But the problem is:

“I haven’t read that much anime blog before! What to do?”


So I google’d “anime blogs” and read some of them. The blogs that I remembered that I firsts encountered are Anime Viking and Draggle’s Anime Blog. After reading the latter one, I discovered that people do blog about anime episode per episode and Draggle’s entries are way too cool and enjoyable to read. Marow’s blog is more of an editorial type and I also enjoyed reading his posts. But of the two, I decided to go with episodic blogging.

Such a newbie, eh?

The next thing is the name of this blog. I came up with my OTP from the anime No. 6 – Shion and Nezumi. I wanted to just name it Nezumi but it is way too plain so I mixed their names. I’m quite proud of the result – Shiizumi. Then I choose my theme, which took me the longest time. I’m quite articulate when it comes to “outward appearance”. I want it to look clean and at the same time with some personal touches so that the readers will be encouraged to look around.

sweet <3

sweet ❤

I can’t help but feel embarrassed whenever I reread my first few entries. Really, I think my inner fan boy burst out of its shell once I started this blog. My introduction is a little bit awkward but it was quite okay, I guess. I had a hard time with screencap-ing because the quality of my videos sucks. But now I learned how to steal some from other blogs. LOL no.

So, in this whole year, what did I learn so far?

The most important thing that I learned is to be critical with the anime that I’m watching. Back then, I used to like almost all of the shows that I’m watching without taking into consideration some of its elements aside from the story. Okay, I guess I’m still like that now, but it is because I mostly focus on the story itself – its potentials and relativity – others just follow. I have neither a shit taste nor the superiority. I have only watched, like whut, less than 200 anime? But that doesn’t make me any less of a fan.

What I lack with knowledge (arts, literature and etc), I make it up with the heart. I know reading my posts gives you the assumption that I really love anime right? That’s all I want to share with everyone, my love in this medium.

Also, doing this blogging thing-y gives me the opportunity to get to know some awesome bloggers out there. Some of them are nice and welcoming and some are not. But all in all, I love reading their opinions about anime. Differences in opinions make this little community so much fun!

Creating this blog made me love anime even more. I’m glad that I made this decision. Even though there are some hurdles that I faced along the way with the constant call of my real life responsibilities, I managed to make it through. I’m so looking forward to reach my second year anniversary because they say that that’s when most blogs die down and I want to prove that mine won’t.

time for celebration!

time for celebration!

Anyway, I’d like to thank all of the people who read my blog. Even though you just accidentally stumbles upon this blog, I’m thankful for the views you’re giving me *winks*. Let’s be honest, the views gives the blogger inspiration to write more! Also, special thanks to those who follow my blog, who regularly visit to check for updates and to those who comment and like my senseless posts. If views gives us more inspiration, comments gives happiness in our kokoro.


I hope that you will continue to be with me for the years to come! Expect some further changes here and there, so yeah.

Thanks for reading!

18 thoughts on “One Year of Random Anime Ramblings

  1. Congrats on the first year. Yea and Draggle is an acquaintance of mine. His blog entries are very well arranged and a nice time pass to read. Hope to see you shiizumi blog for a very long time no matter how busy life gets 🙂

    • Thanks man! I’m actually a fan of his short yet entertaining blogs posts. And yeah, you can expect that I’ll continue this blog even though I’ll get busy.

  2. Congratulations on completing your first year! While i’m not an episodic reader your other posts are always interesting and I hope you keep up the good work for many years to come!

    • That’s one of the disadvantages of having an episodic blog. A lot of people doesn’t want to get spoiled about an episode. Also some of them haven’t been following the one being covered.

      Anyway, thanks man! I’ll try my best to write some things other than episode commentaries 🙂

  3. “What I lack with knowledge (arts, literature and etc), I make it up with the heart. I know reading my posts gives you the assumption that I really love anime right? That’s all I want to share with everyone, my love in this medium.”

    I think you succeed in this very well because that’s what stands out about your blog!

    Congrats on completing your first year of aniblogging and keep up the good work.

  4. Congrats on your one year of aniblogging! and yeah, the second year is always quite difficult to get pass but I’m pretty positive you can do it 😀

  5. one year, wow! congratulations…

    i haven’t been around my own blog much less the blogging world. but whenever i get a chance to visit WP, i make it a point to read yours. why? because we have so much in common. i always try to read what you post – sounds stalker-ish, eeeer what the heck – i just make it a point to read your posts coz there really are more than enough similarities between us and i might like the animes you like. hahaha!

    there are so many anime blogs out there. but i don’t like the editorial types. heck, i don’t like to read blogs that have dark backgrounds! i like it clean and simple and written in a way that a fan writes because he genuinely loves the characters and the story and not because he wants to be a guru about it.

    once again, cheers to you! i just hope i can keep my blog the way that you do 🙂

    • Wow. This comment made me so happy, you li’l stalker! 😀

      I’m so glad that my way of writing is being liked because I get too self-conscious at times. But whenever that point comes, I just remind myself that “Heck, this is my blog I’ll say what I want to say. I’ll fanboy because I want to fanboy” LOL

      i don’t like to read blogs that have dark backgrounds!

      HAHA. I’m also like this sometimes! Why the heck would they choose a dark theme? But if the content is good, I still read it though.

      A BIG THANKS for always dropping by! And goodluck with your blog. I know you’re a very busy person (CPA!!!! WHOOH) so just post whenever you have time 🙂

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