My Way of Watching Anime


How do I watch my animu?

I have three ways in watching an anime depending on some criteria. Either I marathon it, watch it little by little or I watch it weekly. Obviously, the last one is for those currently airing shows that I decided to follow. The first two are for those that have already aired and completed.  I find that each method has advantages and disadvantages depending on the anime.


Marathon-ing is best for me for those shows that are completed (obviously) and are not episodic in nature. Like every episode are interconnected directly with one another. Good examples are Code Geass, Steins;Gate and AnoHana (They are in my top 10).  When I say marathon, I mean that I watch them in one go. If not, for a few days not exceeding three. Watching it in one go doesn’t give me a break with the story. I am connected to it the whole time and the level of intensity/feeling regarding the show is great. Sometimes it doesn’t end there. Even if I already finished it, the intensity and the feelings still lingered to me for a few more days.

The disadvantage with that method for me is that a lot of events that happened are forgotten in the long run. Since I’m watching it at a high pace, I only remember the most memorable one. In addition, the cliffhanger at the end of the episode doesn’t have any effect on me as I can always hit the play button of the next episode. Less speculations on my part because I’ll eventually arrive with the answers later on. It is also hard for the characters to stay in me since I’ve only been with them for like, 1-2 days. Well, there are some exceptions of course.

My solution with this kind of problem is – rewatching it. But c’mon, some of us will just want to watch new anime instead of rewatching the ones we have already seen.


Now, watching a show little by little (I don’t know what to term it teehee) are for those currently airing or completed shows which are episodic in nature. Watching current shows weekly sometimes falls into this criterion. What I mean by little by little is that, I only watch like 1-2 episodes a day or in a week. I like this method because it consumes less time because you can watch it anytime. Shows like Nichijou, Kimi to Boku, Hyouka and Natsume Yuujinchou (all included in my top 10) which are more or less episodic in nature falls in this one. I savour every episode and take my time speculating some events. The characters become more unforgettable because I bonded with them on much longer time. And sometimes, when I speculate an episode it becomes memorable and harder for me to forget. Ask me what episode that happened and I will be able to answer, somehow.

The disadvantage is that when I’m watching a show weekly and is not episodic, sometimes I feel disconnected because of the interval for the next episode. Sometimes, my solution is to rewatch the previous episode but that’s too much of a hassle. The level of intensity when watching it goes back to zero then rise again then after some days or so goes back to zero again until the next episode airs. And with a lot of shows that I’m watching every season (Yeah 8 is “a lot” for me) that also becomes a bit of a problem.

All methods works just fine for me. I don’t marathon that much nowadays because, ahem, school. When I do, I want my full attention focused on the show. If I have to worry about any assignments and quizzes while marathon-ing an anime, it takes away some of the enjoyment. And I only watch at night so that I wouldn’t be bothered by my parents and siblings.

Anyway,  we all have different ways of watching anime. But whatever that is, as long as it makes you enjoy the medium more, you must stick to it.

How about  you? How do you watch your anime? 

14 thoughts on “My Way of Watching Anime

  1. I generally like to marathon series if I can, especially for those like Code Geass and longer series like say…Hikaru No Go. But some shows stick out to me for having a slower pace, and I try to follow its pace by going slower (Hyouka for example). I did try to rewatch Attack On Titan to see if I’d be less bothered with the horrible pacing, but I still am.
    I generally prefer marathoning though 😀 the rush of wanting to know what happens next on screen is something only anime has been able to give me 😀

  2. I rarely watch anime in a marathonic way, unless of course the anime is so good I can’t stop watching it xD I tend to watch one or two chapters, then switch to another anime and do the same, and eventualy come back to the first one, repeating the process a lot and including new anime in between. That isn’t really the best way of watching anime, because I lost interest sometimes, forgot too much about the plot of some of the anime I was watching, or just forgot to ever watch it again D’: now I’m focusing in the weekly watching schedule, with the airing animes of the season, and that works pretty well for me xD
    PD: Nichijou ❤

    • Yeah, when an anime is so good I also find myself marathoning it even though I have no plan to do so.

      That isn’t really the best way of watching anime, because I lost interest sometimes, forgot too much about the plot of some of the anime I was watching, or just forgot to ever watch it again D’:

      I also experienced the same thing before and I don’t want to do it again.

      I don’t usually watch so many shows at the same time though because, like you, I can easily get lost interest or forgot the story. That’s why in case of currently airing shows, I only watch a handful.

  3. I’ve never marathoned anything 0_0. My idea of marathoning is to watch 4-5 of the same anime episodes before I go to bed haha. I think recently, I did this with Chihayafuru, because I was like “MORE, MORE!!!!” at the end of each episode. But I don’t really have the time to spend a whole day watching anime, and while I do love anime, I don’t have the motivation to watch more than about 5 episodes at once. So at the moment I’m watching 6 ongoing series, and trying to couple of older ones once a day.

    • I can consider it as light marathoning. 5 episodes of the same show a day right? I can watch a 12-episode show in a day, that is, IF I’m not busy. In fact, I marathon’d 4 shows during my sembreak but before that, the last time I marathon’d was four months ago. As I’ve said, I want my full attention to a show so I don’t marathon when I know I can’t focus.

      Well, you should always watch anime at your own pace 🙂

  4. I usually try to match my watching pace with the show itself 😀 For more ‘leisurely paced’ anime like Natsume Yuujinchou and Hyouka I can take up to a month or two 😀 If a show like Code Geass has so many happenings in one episode, I don’t think it’s meant to be a slow watch anyway, and the thrill still sticks with me 😀

    I generally prefer to marathon though. One of the things I love about anime is how I can stay engaged for long hours unlike stuff like books or movies that I usually end up pausing/stopping in between for extended periods of time.

    • Matching the pacing of a show with your pace in watching an anime worked also for me. But recently, I just found out that some shows are not meant for that. For example, I put the last 4 episodes of Code Geass R2 on hold because I tried to match my viewing pace with it’s crazy pacing. I got tired and exhausted, literally. Trying to digest all those madness at once backfired on me LOL.

      But then again, it depends on the person watching it 😉

      • Yeah, maybe I just have a little but more stamina when it comes to these things. I went without sleep watching Death Note 😀 it was crazy worth the rush though.

  5. You’ve put quite a bit of thought into this ^_^. Personally I just watch things as they air and old shows I marathon. The only real exception would be censoring, when I sometimes put a show on hold till it comes out on disc hoping for less flashes of light >_>. The trade-off between suspense/immersion and connecting with characters is usually too difficult to determine while you’re watching anyway I believe.

    • The trade-off between suspense/immersion and connecting with characters is usually too difficult to determine while you’re watching anyway I believe.

      I agree with this one. Immersion to the story and connection with the characters depend on a lot of factors not just on the way you watch it. Some shows, even though I marathon’d it, becomes so difficult to get into because of its own issues… or maybe mine.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  6. i prefer watching it in one go. i sometimes wait for the whole season to finish before i download anything. but for animes that i can’t wait, i do the weekly thing. i can’t do nothing. episodic kills the life in me. i don’t like waiting and i don’t like surprises. hahahaha! i am just impatient.

  7. If the series is 12 or 13 episodes long, I rather watch it all in one sitting. If it is double of that, I rather taking 3 to 5 days (depending on the breaks). If iits a long one (+40), I watch it little by little (2 or 3 episodes every two or three days). In case of movies or short OVA, I can do it in one single sitting.

  8. For me, I think it also depends on the number of episodes: if it’s short, I usually watch it in one go; and if it’s long, I can spend the whole day watching it or just watch a few episodes (By the way, I agree with you with the part that if you watch one episode after another, the wow factor doesn’t have an effect on you).

    Anyway, my biggest problem is starting a lot of animes at the same time and not finishing any. I’m trying to solve this because sometimes I forget details of the plot that make you understand more the characters and the story, and you don’t enjoy the anime completely. Have you ever had this problem?

    P.D.: Sorry for my orthopedic English and my mistakes, it’s not my first language. U.u

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