First Impressions – Buddy Complex

Buddy Complex


The story will revolve around the friendship and coming-of-age of two boys. It begins with Aoba Watase, a boy who goes to high school in Tokyo and lives a carefree daily life. On the morning of his school’s opening ceremony after summer vacation, he goes to campus as usual, but he has a chance encounter with another boy. (ANN)


I’m not really a fan of mecha anime, well not until recently. I started to appreciate the genre more after watching Code Geass and Kakumeiki Valvrave last year, both Sunrise shows, so it is not really surprising to hear from me that I’m quite looking forward to this show.

I think that the first episode is just okay. Not blood-pumping, yes, but I’m seeing it to be that way a few episodes from now. As I’ve said, I haven’t watched that much mecha shows so I can’t really compare it to other Sunrise shows (Is it Gundam?) like what I’ve been reading on other blogs lately. That is probably why the story feels a little bit fresher for me compared to the others.

So yeah, I was not bored.

I quite agree though that it’s pretty much a generic start. The dialogues are as corny as I’ve remembered from Sunrise’s previous work. The resemblance with the characters are pretty much obvious like Hina and Saki, Dio and L-Elf (though we haven’t had the chance to meet him this episode), and Aoba and Haruto. I must say that Aoba and Hina have chemistry together, thanks to the latter’s charm. I find Aoba boring and all.

Anyway, since there are some similarities with the characters, expect some Aoba x Dio ship coming from yours truly. At least if the story becomes uninteresting for me to watch, there’s always that ship that can save this show for me.

Oh, I forgot to mention… there’s time travel in this show, which is… er…, cool.

Verdict: Following.

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