First Impressions – Noragami

Noragami - 01 - Large 32


At the boundary between this realm and another, there live eight million gods, dead spirits who serve the gods, and other assorted spirits who help and meddle in the affairs of humans. A sweet middle school girl named Hiyori Iki has been enduring bullying from her classmates, and she goes to the restroom by herself to cry. Scrawled on the bathroom wall is a phone number and the message, “I solve your troubles.”

After Hiyori calls the number, she encounters a homeless boy wearing a jersey who calls himself a god. The boy, named Yato, is rough, moody, lazy, and never listens to anyone’s wishes, but he had the power to be a god… that no one knew of. (ANN)


So far, so good.

I have been hearing a lot of good stuffs about Noragami so I became so excited to watch it. But of course, school work first that’s why I only watched it today. You know what? I really like what I’ve seen.

The production value and the art direction are awesome. The animation is fluid and the character designs look good. There’s nothing much to fault with in this department so far. It definitely looks good.

The characters are likeable enough but there’s nothing much to learn about them yet so I’m hoping that the anime will take its time to develop them. I’ve heard that it will be a bit episodic with an overarching plot or whatsoever but I still think that I’ll be able to bite it.

Anyway, I’m fanboying so much hearing another character voiced by my favorite Kamiya Hiroshi! I keep imagining my favorite character saying those stuffs he’s been saying using Yato’s mouth. And it’s kind of funny. I just can’t get tired of his voice.

I’m looking forward to the appearance of the other guy in the OP and ED. It was shown that he would be Yato’s new weapon so I’m excited to see how those two will get along each other. And I know you know what I’m thinking so I better stop now.

Verdict:  I’m definitely following this show! Not sure if I will be able to blog it episodically but oh well.

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