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Junko Manga

I have been reading BL manga for some years now so it’s no surprise that I’ve read, I must say, a LOT of titles. Of course, with those titles there are a lot of reoccurring “names” that I’ve come to love. One of them is Junko.

Junko has been one of my earliest favorite mangaka. I think the first title that I’ve read from her was Abarenbou Kareshi but I still didn’t know her at that time. I mean, back when I was just starting reading BL I didn’t really care who wrote what. I started liking her works with Kimi Note.

Light, fluffy, and sweet.

That’s how I describe the stories present in almost all of her works. There’s a gentle feel present in all of her manga and I really like it. She doesn’t try to be that deep and meaningful but that doesn’t mean that her stories are shallow. She also tackles serious things, actually, like sexuality issues, childhood traumas, lost love and the likes but she tries to balance it out with the overall light atmosphere that she builds up throughout the manga. I think the most dramatic work of her so far is Kasa no Shita, Futari and I’ll tell you this, my heart breaks a little while reading this one.

star-like words

The sweetness of the relationships in her works is also something to note for. It’s not easy to create so many romantic stories without reusing some old cliché but Junko manages to keep her stories fresh. I think it’s all thanks to the wide variety of characters and the great pairings that she had created. They really appeal to me because of their chemistry.


Her writing style resembles some shoujo because it is sometimes a little bit “fairy tale” like, which I think is just okay. Look at Konbini-kun, the story is somewhat cliché but it still manages to be at my Top 5 (which I’ll be sharing some other time). Junko tries to develop her characters, or at least one of them, with some realistic issues, which will make you really care for them.

What I really like about Junko though, is her art style. Gosh, her works are all adorable. It’s between the boundary of cute-ly adorable and seeeeexy-ly adorable. Does that make sense to you? Her character designs are really great. Their bodies are well built and no, there are no overly large hands! They have sense of style over their clothing that matches their own personalities.

sexy aren't they?

sexy aren’t they?

I’d like to give emphasis to this fact though: Junko excels on drawing the faces. You can clearly tell what the characters are feeling with their facial expressions. They’re gorgeous and very expressive. She can really depict whatever she wanted using their faces. Moreover, since this is a manga where the characters don’t move, you need to read their faces not just their dialogues and thoughts.

Look at all the covers of her original works. One can’t help but to fall in love with them at first sight!

Let us talk about the sex scenes now, shall we?

Recipe no Oujisama

As I’ve said, her works bordered the cute and sexy side. And with regards on the sex scenes, gosh, she works magic. They’re oh-so-sexy. They are hot and are rather straightforward. She doesn’t hold back. With her art style, you would assume that she will held back a bit with the sex scenes much like some other mangaka, but no, you’re wrong. She will do it the right way. For me, the sex scenes in her works are really romantic. You can definitely tell that the characters love each other.

I’ve read almost all of her original works except the on-going one. I prefer for it to finish first before I read it because I want continuity with this kind of thing. With that being said and having read this article, I guess I have proven that I’m really a fan of Junko, right?

I really love her works and I hope it’ll stay the same. For those of you who want to read a sweet, gentle and light BL story, I definitely recommend Junko’s work. Be prepared though for some hot and intense scenes 😉

I hope you’ll love them as well.

23 thoughts on “BL Corner: Junko

  1. Cool article. I haven’t read any BL before, but it’s really interesting to get a perspective on it from an obvious fan 🙂

    • I’ll welcome you to ‘our’ world, with an open arms, once you decided to read a BL. I’ll give you some light recommendations. Go, now!

      No really, I’m surprised you survived reading this post with all those pictures. He. He. (Been too careful with that one, I might scare my male readers).

      Anyway, thanks 😉

      • Lol, well, it was just some guys kissing and stuff. I don’t think anyone’s going to die from that haha.

  2. Woo! Junko love!
    She’s amazing at what she does, and is definitely up there with Sakuraga Mei, Moegi Yuu and Yoneda Kou when it comes to BL manga; Not to mention, her art. Yeah.

    • She deserves more love, doesn’t she? Anyway, those are some big names you’re dropping.. I suppose. But among those three, I’m mostly familiar with Yoneda Kou’s works. She’s one of my favorites after all.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  3. Uwaah! I love Junko too! >.< Let's see…out of all her works, I love Konbinini-kun and Recipe no Oujisama. Right now I'm reading Walking with you and Starlike Words. Coincidence much? Hahaha! XD

    • It seems like a lot of people also likes Junko 😉

      Like I said, I’ll wait for “Walking With You” to finish because I don’t like waiting that much when it comes to reading BL. You just can’t imagine how much I wanted to read that now!

      Anyway, seems like our tastes are pretty much aligned huh? 🙂

      • I thought ‘Walking with you’ is a oneshot?? It’s not?

        Hahaha! Yeah, I think so too. It’s quite nice to meet someone like me. Hello there, fellow fangirl! ;D

        • Is it? I thought it was a series LOL. Then I must check it out now.

          Anyway, I’m so sorry but I’m a guy (fudanshi) 😉 A lot of people has mistaken me for a girl though. *sighs*

          • Go! Check it! ;D

            Eh?? Really? So sorry for my mistake! :;(∩´﹏`∩);: I just kinda assumed…but many other people have done that before then I guess you’re used to it? I’m really sorry! >.<

            Still, hello, fellow fangirl-at-heart! ;D

  4. Love Junko so much! She is up in my top 2-3 mangaka for BL ever, just the right balance of seriousness and fluff. The only one I haven’t read yet is Starlike Words even though it’s completed-I kinda like reading the unfinished ones actually, it kinda renews my love for them each time I get a new chapter 😀
    I’m a sucker for Yamamoto Kotetsuko as well, her work does remind me of Junko since it has a lot of similarities, do you read her? I just read the comment and saw you’re a fudanshi-good on you XD I haven’t ventured into shoujo-ai yet, but I’m thinking more and more that I should!
    -The Ace

    • Yeah, I have read some of her works! I was also a big fan of her before cos I find her works really fun to read. However, she has the tendency to drag the plot for so long that it has become tiring for me to read it. I dunno, maybe it’s just me.

      I still love her though.

      • Actually, I agree that she does drag it on a little too long in some cases. But what I like is that while most manga stop after they’ve confessed their feelings and they’re together, or after they’ve had and resolved their first argument, hers continue a little longer to show the story afterwards, and that’s great for me because if I like the characters and they’re together by the first few chapters, I want to know what happens next. But her shorter works are better.
        -The Ace

  5. Hi just wondering if anyone has any new bl mangas….can’t find any good ones…o(`ω´ )o

      • (I changed my name btw so its bllover now) Hiya I did check ’em out but most stories r quite predictable. *sigh*
        ‘-‘. Most of the ones I’ve read the older one is usually the bottom and the younger one is at the top. I think the term is “seme” and “uke” but I really like Junko and she is in my top ten list of mangakas. There is another author that I really like. I forgot the name of the author but if u know the manga ‘Warui koto janai kedo’ and ‘renai paradox’ (two diff. authors) I was hoping if u could tell me a name or 2 of authors similar 2 them. Cya

        • Hmmm. I dont have anything on the top of my head right now, but you could check out my mangalist if you want, on MAL (shiizumi) or on Anilist (takashii). Sorry for the late reply.

  6. I came to like junko as well. I am curently reading junko’s work. And I must say, so like it. It is sweet and fluffy feeling. I was searching about junko and want to know what junko looks like. By any means you know any link? Thanks. Cheers to BL!

    • Oh I also don’t know what she looks like. Sorry. So glad you came to like her as well. Her on going shoujo manga will be getting an anime soon, you might want to check that out. 😁

  7. Hiya, wondering if there are any bl mangas very similar to junko’s….anyways I really agree with youse her work is just amazing and I can’t stop reading her work. They are all ao cute but maybe she should change her story cus they are all very similar and very predictable. Anyways cya
    (^U ^)/

  8. Hi there! This was an amazing article, just what I was looking for since I’m only just starting to get into BL. I’ve read/watched the big ones (Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi and Junjou Romantica), but I don’t really know where to go from here. Junko is now on my To-Read list, but are there any other good ones that are worth reading that you could recommend?
    Thanks so much! :3

  9. Ah I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog! I can defiantly relate to your opinions ^_^ After reading all these comments, I’m surprised you are a dude! Fudanshi’s are suupa rare in my case (◠﹏◠✿)

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