Natsume Yuujinchou Diary: Day 02

Natsume Yuujinchou 02[16-29-45]


Being alone is lonely.

Being alone is painful.

–          Natsume Takashi


It is one of the major themes that are being tackled in this show. May it be in the case of Natsume or those youkais and gods he met. This is probably why this show is so relatable. Each one of us has felt this kind of emotion at least once in our life. Just like what Natsume said, being alone is painful and we know how it feels.

Maybe, that’s the very reason why I really like this show. I think I’m just really lonely deep inside, in spite being around with a lot of people, that’s why those issues about loneliness resonate to my entire being.

"Once you've been loved and you have loved, you can not forget"

“Once you’ve been loved and you have loved, you can not forget”

Tsuyukami’s conversation with Reiko is what I’m trying to say about Hishigaki’s case. When you have experienced something for the first time, it’s really hard for you to forget. It will become more painful when it leaves you. Tsuyukami experienced being loved by a lot of people and loving them in return when they used to worship him as their god. But now, only one person is left and that is Mrs. Hana.

It’s an interesting concept that a god’s existence depends on those who worship him. That if no one is left to acknowledge him, that very god will cease to exist. I think that it’s really sad on Tsuyukami’s part being all alone, his appearance shrinking every time he lost a worshipper. However, I think he’s contented with the only person who keeps giving him some offerings.

Natsume Yuujinchou 02[16-31-46]

It’s so nice of Mrs. Hana to go out of her way just to give some offerings to the forgotten god. She really cares for him. Given the fact that she saw him and heard his voice, it just reinforced her belief with the said god. I think Tsuyukami fell in love with Mrs. Hana and knowing that she has little time left in this world, he really like to get his name from the Book of Friends so that he can follow her to the other world.

Natsume Yuujinchou 02[16-26-14]

I got a bit emotional when Natsume tried to save Tsuyukami from disappearing. And their conversation that Natsume is not Tsuyukami’s follower, but instead, he is his FRIEND.

Every encounter, be it with youkai or human, has been giving Natsume a lesson and is changing him in some little ways. It’s so nice to watch these slow developments to unfold and I’m really enjoying it.

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