Final Impressions – Noragami


Dear Yato-god,

I am writing to you because you said you’ll grant my wish. I’m currently in a situation where I’m going to ask for help from anyone who is available. You’ll be able to help, right?

You see, my favorite anime this Winter Season just ended – Noragami. I dunno if you are familiar with that show, or if you are even watching anime at all, but gosh, it’s amazing! After watching the final episode, I’ve become so restless that I searched for a lot of noragami pics and suddenly a dialog box appeared! It states that you’re a god (aha) and you’ll grant my wish just for 5-yen. I initially thought that it was a scam or a virus or whatever but nonetheless, the email address stated is stuck on my mind.


Anyway, Noragami had been one of the shows that I’m mostly looking forward to every week. It is consistent episode per episode in delivering an engaging story full of interesting characters. Everything that the show is trying to execute has been handled really well and the balancing of different elements makes this show one of the best this season.Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit here, but that’s what I’m feeling.

The drama, the comedy, the unsettling supernatural elements plus the additional romantic feel are blended really well! I can’t ask for more.

Like a real family <3

❤ Like a real family ❤

I really adore all the characters. I really do. In fact, the main character who happens to  share the same name with you (can you believe that?) managed to become one of my favorite characters of all times! Well, he is not given that much depth, as compared to Yukine, given the short amount of time allotted to the whole show but his personality is just so adorable. His dorky-ness is of another level!

And by the latter part of the series, when he is being such a cute boyfriend (I’m just assuming, but hey!) to Hiyori Ikki… gosh, my shipping sensors exploded! Give me more of that!

Speaking of Hiyori, can I just say that she’s one of the very few female characters that I really cared for? Just like Yato, she hasn’t been given some more depth even though when I checked the manga, there’s more to her than that. I wouldn’t hold it against the whole show though.

Let’s move on to Yukine, shall we? He was given a whole arc just for himself so he is the most developed character in the show. Actually, I wanted to know what his life looks like when he was still alive since we have been given some hints. Of all the things that he had done, I didn’t hate him even a little. Why? Because he is such a baby. No, really, it is because his actions are within the realm of reason.


The visuals and the sounds are also great. Oh my, it’s a whole package! Both worked hand-in-hand in building up the whole atmosphere of the story. The soundtracks are cool and the animation is sharp and neat. Also, the character designs are really great especially, the characters’ eyes! Look at them and you’ll see.

If I will be making a list of my favorite anime, I believe that this one will make it to my top 10.

Oh my, I’ve been blabbing so much about it that I almost forgot why I’m writing this email to you.

After watching the last episode (which is so CUTE by the way), I’ve been really, really sad because I won’t be watching this show again for the following week. Although I have to accept the reality, I don’t want to! I want more… more!


Don’t worry, I’ll pay

So, please Yato-god… please grant my wish and let Noragami have another season! I’ll leave the 5 yen in my room and it’s up to you on how you’ll get it.

I expect a positive response to my wish, Yato.


18 thoughts on “Final Impressions – Noragami

  1. Noragami was an absolutely gorgeous show on almost every level, although I didn’t come away as enamored as you did XD. It was definitely a fun watch though!

    And pshhhh Yato x Hiyori? Yato x Yukine all the way – gotta go for that slightly wincestuous vibe :p.

    • Yato x Yukine? Why oh…

      I didn’t ship them as much as people would expect me to (SURPRISE!). I totally see Yato as a father figure for my baby Yukine.

      As for Yato x Hiyori, the chemistry is just there! Although I’ve heard that it is not part of the source material as of now, the show managed to establish it real well! A normal ship for me ❤

  2. I love posts like this which change up the style from a usual review! Your feelings for Noragami come across really well, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It’s a pity you don’t post more often >.< . Keep it up Shiizumi 😉

    • Well, thank you Alex! I had a real blast writing this post although I think it ended up quite a mess. Really, I think I’ve poured a lot of my fanboy-ing in this one.

      Anyway, I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Noragami was very visually appealing. Characterization as you’ve mentioned was monopolized by Yukine but I felt we got decent coverage of Yato and Hiyori. I do wish that they could have explored Yato’s past with Bishamonten a bit more…Kazuma was a fascinating character.

    • I believe that the next arc of the manga is about their past? Yato’s and Bishamon+Kazuma, I mean. Too bad the show wasn’t able to cover that one. I’ve heard that it’s a really great arc.

      Another reason why there must be a season 2! Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  4. there SHOULD BE a season 2!!!

    this is a great watch and a great write up why this anime deserves a new season. you even thought of asking the help of Yato. hihi x)

    well, seriously. though i haven’t seen the manga, i do know there’s so much that the anime was not able to tell about Yato’s past, why Kazuma is indebted to him, why Bishamon is angry at him, and why Hiyori has this link to him. there might be something about her and him in the past. you know… i just feel it.

    • Oh. I just recently read the manga from the start to the latest one. All I can say is:


      It’s currently tackling about Yato’s past but Bishamon Arc (includes Kazuma of course) follows Yukine’s Arc. You have to check it out, I’m telling you!

      The anime original Rabo Arc isn’t that much farfetched from the manga since it also tackled about the possibility of Hiyori’s memory loss. And gahhh, the chemistry among those two is just so great!

      Anyway, thanks for the comment! I’m STILL hoping to have another season!!!!!

  5. I love this Anime too and I’m planning to read the Manga but since that is not yet finished either, I’m putting it on hold for now. I really hope they make a second season! I want to see more of Yato and Hiyori and probably more “romantic” development, please!

  6. I NEED A SEASON TWO !! This was such a good anime… I started reading the manga after I watched this cuz its so good. REALLY love the character design of all of them but especially Yukine ;-; This is defined in my top three anime list !!

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