One Week Friends Episode 1 – Good Memories


If her memory with her “friends” resets every Monday, then I’d just be her “new friend” every week!

Yuuki Hase

This show is so freakin’ adorable! So much cuteness and fluffy feels. Just the first episode in and I’m already loving it so much. I guess this kind of show is just for me.

Anyway, I really like where the plot is heading. Although it was tagged as “comedy”, I can already see some events that will build up the drama somewhere there as Hase tries to befriend Kaori every week. Just imagine the pain. It reminds me a bit of the movie ‘50 first dates’. Although in this case, they are just starting out to be friends.

This is me while watching the show...

This is me while watching the show…

I would like to see how their relationship would grow because they do have chemistry together. I mean, both the main characters are really, really, really cute and their actions when they’re together are just so adorable. I can feel the fluff emanating from the screen.

There's only a certain level of cuteness that I can take... *dies*

There’s only a certain level of cuteness that I can take… *dies*


I know it will be a very long way before it can reach to that level because, you see, just being friends are difficult for these two.

Every Monday, it is a reset for Kaori as she forgets all of her good memories as well as the people involved in it. I kind of understand why she avoids interacting with people, more specifically making friends. Why bother if she’ll just going to forget anyway? Not just herself but she’ll also end up hurting those who she befriended as well.

"My memories of you will all disappear"

“My memories of you will all disappear” 😥

Those thoughts might have restrained her from doing all the things that she wants to do because there’s always a deadline. Just imagining it for myself is painful.

Well, I do have an issue regarding Kaori’s illness as it comes to me as a little too convenient to the plot. Anyways, it’s just a little nitpick.

Anyway, I really like the art style of this anime. The colours used, the designs – simple yet beautiful. It reminds me a bit of one of my favourites, Kimi to Boku, especially the characters’ eyes. Also, those blushes! HNNNNNG~~

He's way too cool! :3

He’s way too cool! :3

I’m looking forward on what this show has in store for us. So far the characters are all great, including that side character – Shogo. He’s cool, right? There’s another one from the OP and ED and I hope she’s just as great.

I’m going to enjoy this anime, that’s for sure.  I hope it would live up to my expectations.


8 thoughts on “One Week Friends Episode 1 – Good Memories

  1. ah yes, the art resembles Kimi to Boku :3
    I’m also shipping them… I’m actually hoping there’ll be even some tiny romance here because they really do look cute together XD

  2. when i saw the preview of this anime sometime late february, i decided to watch it no matter what. the artwork reminded me so much of kimi to boku. the story is full of fluff and cuteness and adorkable romance. though i so like yuuki and kaori, it is shogo whom i adore and love. he is so full of teenage wisdom and his cynical demeanor is actually so likable and so real. he reminded me of myself when i was at his age. hahaha!

  3. This is the first time I heard about this anime and based on your reviews, I would want to watch this one. Whoo. And I have also watched the movie 50 First Dates, and it was effin amazing. It brought me to tears, like for real. 🙂

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