My Spring 2014 Anime Watch List


Hello there!

Are you guys having fun with all the shows this season? Cause I am! I think Spring 2014 is a whole lot better than last season given the fact that I ended up following almost all the shows that I tried. Well I guess, the fact that I’m on my summer break is also a factor for picking up a lot of shows.

This will just be a little update of what I’m watching this season and tidbits of thoughts about them. Ahem, first impressions… ahem.

Selector Infected WIXOSS

Well, I can say that this is the weakest show among those listed here. I’m kind of disconnected with all of the things that are happening and I’m weirded out by everything. Well, I guess the latter part is intended. I’ll be sticking with this one for the “dark” feels. Also the characters seem interesting.

Mangaka-san to Assistant san to

The short anime that I picked up. Why? Well, who knows?

Kamigami no Asobi ~Ludere Deorum~

they have nipples! NIPPLES!

they have nipples! NIPPLES!

My weekly dose of bishies. I kind of missed watching reverse harem (the last time, I think, was UtaPri2) so here it goes!

Fairy Tail (2014)

See my post here…

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

I’m watching this show because… reasons. Well, I have a soft heart to a show that let those people who are being discriminated prevails. Plus magic… and Mr. Perfect… and cute and loving imouto… plus deadpan girl. Love it.

Captain Earth

I love the character designs. Something about them is just so sexy. It makes me want to drool, honestly. Same with WIXOSS, I still feel disconnected with the show and the characters are not yet that interesting to me. But still, I already have a ship – Daichi x Teppei!

My Official OTP this season!

My Official OTP this season!

I’m looking forward for that ship to happen. And if it does, I’ll give everyone of you a virtual hug!

Mekaku City Actors

My most anticipated show of Spring 2014! I didn’t know what to expect because I’m not one of those people who checks the source materials before watching the show so, honestly, I didn’t get what’s going on in the first episode on the first watch. This is only the second SHAFT show that I’ve watched so everything is so fresh to me, especially the visuals. I’ve read a lot complaining about it though.

Nice colors!

Nice colors!

I’m already looking forward to some characters because they all look interesting! Also, loved that ED (or is it the OP?).

Isshuukan Friends

Cute. Cute. Cute!!!!!!

Check out my post…

No Game No Life

The colors can be distracting sometimes

The colors can be distracting sometimes

A very solid first episode. I was hooked from the first few minutes till the end. I wasn’t planning of watching this one, honestly. But my real life friend told me that it’s great so I checked it out. I’m glad I did!

I’m convinced that it’s great because I didn’t even paused the video even once. And when the episode ended, I actually wanted to watch more. It reminds me of Mondaiji Taichi, which is also a show that I loved, because of the bet and games and stuffs. Hoping that it’ll continue its thread and it won’t disappoint me.


I’m a frustrated volleyball player. Frustrated, I mean I’m not really that good but I love that sport. It’s really fun to play because it’s a team sport!

Anyway, Haikyuu!! is a really surprise to me because I didn’t know that I’ll like it this much. I’m expecting myself to ship Kageyama and Hinata, of course. But seeing myself focused on the show without shipping those guys is a good thing.

Whoah, I wish I could spike!

Whoah, I wish I could spike!

I already recommended this show to my fellow frustrated volleyball players and they’re also enjoying it. Especially the first match wherein we can see ourselves in Hinata’s teammates. We had a good laugh.


There you go! They are arranged from lowest to highest priority this season. I haven’t tried other shows yet because I think I can’t handle some more additions to this list. Maybe I’ll pick them up once I heard so much good things about them or else, they’ll be for marathoning later.

You can tell that I’m enjoying this season, right? I’m glad that it’s our break so I can do lots of stuffs, including marathoning some shows. What a life!

So tell me, what shows are you watching this season? 🙂

8 thoughts on “My Spring 2014 Anime Watch List

  1. You’re on your break already? Lucky! My spring break got over a couple of weeks ago, and summer break’s not til June.
    Out of the shows we watch, we share Isshuukan Friends and No Game No Life (I watch Fairy Tail too but I’m nowhere near caught up). Other than that I’m following Sidonia no Kishi, Ping Pong, and Akuma no Riddle. And maaaybe Hitsugi no Chaika, I’ll just have to see if the second episode can impress me.
    If you like sports animation, maybe you should try Ping Pong! The animation is weird, but it has a good story/characters.

    • Yeah! But the classes will resume on June (your Summer break) so I’m making the most out of the time remaining in doing the things that I want.

      Anyway, I’m a table tennis/ping-pong player myself (and quite good) so I might check out that Ping Pong anime some other time. I already downloaded Sidonia no Kishi but I’ll leave that for marathoning as well. It’s just like what I’ve said, there’s just too much shows that I’m watching already.

      Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  2. Whoa great post! I’ve definitely found a few animes on here that I will definitely have to marathon once they finish airing! Please continue to post!

  3. Mekaku city was a terrible watch. Great animation like all the monogatari series. But the story drags. Other than that, you’re picks are verily spectacular. Cannot wait for more NGNL.

    • Thanks!

      I enjoyed most of it, MCA I mean. But I agree, the story drags. As for NGNL, I put it on hold for a very long time now. I plan to pick it up again once I’m not that busy. I’ve been hearing lots of good feedbacks about it 🙂

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