This Guy Called Tatsuya

Shiba TatsuyaThis has been bothering me so here I am, writing this post 4 in the morning. You see, I don’t really like Tatsuya. Or you could say that I don’t see any appeal on him. If I could compare him with something, he is like an iced tea without the tea. Cold water can quench your thirst but you can’t help but wonder since it’s supposed to be an… iced tea. He’s supposed to be popular and I can see the qualities that made him that way. He is like a walking textbook example of those traits. However, he appears to me as soulless and as bland as any otome adaptation heroines. I dunno if he is supposed to be like this though. I haven’t read the light novel. Well, not that I intend to. It’s just that, when a character like this appears in an anime I normally like them immediately. So I just find this one strange. Or really… maybe there’s a reason for this. Like he’s a cyborg or what. Unlike this guy, who only have a few minutes appearance and I like him already.

well, maybe because of THIS :)

well, maybe because of THIS 🙂

I’m not bored when I’m watching Mahouka so I could say that I don’t dislike the show as a whole. Even though I don’t really understand how the magic works in their world, I still find the show quite fascinating. However, I don’t particularly like this as well. Anyway, this is just a short rant about how I don’t like Tatsuya’s character. Don’t make me start with his annoying sister! There’s a lot more of deep analysis going on about this show around the blogsphere so, if you like, you can check them out.  Go and find them. Rant off.

20 thoughts on “This Guy Called Tatsuya

  1. I like this anime some how especially the mysteries about Tatsuya that I want to know about but for a 13ep anime I don’t expect too much.

  2. Yup! I agree!! I don’t like Tatsuya but I don’t hate him either. He’s not that charismatic as he is seemed to be. Suzaku on the other hand !!! *insert right thumb up here*(^ i i ^)*insert left thumb up here*

  3. I think it may had something to do with Tatsuya being a little too perfect, at least that’s what I think, so as a result, he at times, can become a bit soulless, as you put it. He has no flaws for viewers to identify with, and he got no personal struggles for viewers to relate to. Even if he faced some issues, he could settled them in less than 3 mins. Also, I haven’t read the LN myself either so maybe his characterization will change somewhere down the line :3

    • Hmmm. After watching this show more, I’d like to believe that his character is really made to be like “that”. I’m just waiting for the grand reveal of the reason.

      But yeah, he is wayyyy too perfect. 🙂

  4. You have to read teh light novel to get why he is the way he is. Not that I’m saying you will like him any better, but at least it will make more sense why he is so ‘bland’ (for lack of a better term).

  5. Tatsuya was way way too perfect and I wished he would of at least took interest in at least one female other than his sister it would of made it more interesting

  6. This guy call Tatsuya is too powerful with hidden skill. Too bad the series din’t show further. I read the manga and he is .. okay no spoiling. Let’s hope a Season 2 release.

  7. Tatsuya is the way he is because the Yotsuba family implanted artificial magic into him, and all his emotions disappeared, only his strong feelings for his sister remained. Knowing that, you can conclude that the character has to be that way.

  8. I also didn’t like Tatsuya, because he is “perfect” (smart, good looking, always the best…). Because of all this he doesn’t get any character development in the anime which I found extremely boring.

  9. I also didn’t like Tatsuya, because he is “perfect” (smart, good looking, always the best…). Because of all this he doesn’t get any character development in the anime which I found extremely boring.

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