Some Updates and, oh, Second Year Anniversary Post  


Hey guys! Did you miss me? I mean, wow, I have been gone for quite a long time. When was the last time that you have heard from me in this blog? Now look at the date, it’s already November! I have to write this obligatory anniversary post!


Well, you may have noticed (or so I wish someone had noticed) that I definitely slowed down and eventually died out during my second year of blogging. Real life obligations finally caught up with me so I had to face them head on. There are only four semesters left so I decided to finally focus and prioritize my studies. Well I guess it paid off quite well.

That does not mean, though, that I have not been watching anime for the past few months. I mean, I was still able to follow some of the on-going shows even though I was behind most of the times. Of course, no marathon-ing since I did not have that much time. University students can relate, I think.

So yeah, even though I am not as satisfied as I hoped to be, I want to greet my blog and myself a…


There is no significant events that happened to me (anime and blog related) so I could not share that much with you. Aside from having a break from writing blog posts, I also stopped reading other blogs! Gosh, I think I have lost my touch.

smexy kise ryouta as a token of gratitude!

❤ smexy kise ryouta as a token of gratitude! ❤

Anyway, I am truly thankful to those who are still sticking with me. To new readers and followers, I am truly grateful. Seeing new notifications about new likes, comments and follows really lightens my mood. Although I also feel bad for not posting anything at all *teehee*

So what are my plans in the future?

You see, I will still be very busy this upcoming semester (starting on the 10th by the way) until the next 12 months because I will start my internship on my summer break. So, most probably, there will be more times that I will go on an unannounced hiatus. I will not stop blogging altogether though. I do not want that to happen. This is my place – my other home so I will try posting once in a while.

Oh yeah, there will be a series of posts regarding all of my “Top Anime Picks of 2014” this coming December or January to make up for the lost post count. I will also be throwing some BL posts, if you guys do not mind.

So that is it for now. It feels good to let you know that I am still alive, and so does my blog. See you around!

12 thoughts on “Some Updates and, oh, Second Year Anniversary Post  

  1. If fell like my comment on your first anniversary post applies here so copy and paste. XD
    wooo! dalawang taon. tagal n din noh? kelan tau gigimick sa isang convention? haha

  2. Congrats on reaching your second year! I understand about classes–they take up a lot of time and as much fun anime and blogging are, education comes first.

  3. Well, a bit (very) late here, but congratulations on two years. Time sure passes fast, I can still remember your first anniversary post quite well.

    I hope your internship is good too – is it some law-related thing?

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