Durarara!!!x2 Ten 01 – Izaya Loves All of Us


The second arc is finally here! I’ve been so excited for it- so much that I checked some wikis about the characters only to get spoiled rotten of what will happen in the end. Oh well, I only got some vague details so it won’t affect my enjoyment of the show.

Anyway, Izaya Orihara is back – alive and kicking. Without him scheming things behind their backs, there has been a little peace in Ikebukuro. Anyway, I kind of pity the guy since no one came to visit him in the hospital – no one cared. True, they were not aware of his stabbing incident, but he tried to call his friend – Shinya, only to get ignored (mostly due to his fault).

dear me, look at his face

dear me, look at his face

Oopsie. I take that back. Someone came to visit him although for a very different reason. A victim of his came back for revenge and because of her, his love for humanity is revitalized. As he has stated, he has been underestimating humanities after experiencing so many abnormal things around him.

We love you too! <3

We love you too! ❤

Anyway, I am looking forward on how things will unfold in this new arc. A new threat is looming over Ikebukuro that even the sly Orihara Izaya fell victim to. A poison, as Shinya’s father stated, that will slowly kill a person without him knowing it. The stranger and the unknown – Yodogiri Jinai.

How will the characters interact with one another? That’s mostly the thing that I am so thrilled to know. With this vast amount of abnormal (?) characters, seeing them intermingle with each other – either as friend or foe – brings me great joy as a viewer.

the lovey-dovey couple~

the lovey-dovey couple~

As for the OP and ED. I like them as they are but they can’t be compared to the angst and style of the previous ones. The former easily catches ones liking while the new one needs to have some getting used to to be enjoyed. Speaking of OP, seems like some characters will be fading out in the background for a while – like the Orihara twins. Too bad, I kind of like them to kick some ass. Anyway, the crazy couple will be back along with Namie… so all is good.


4 thoughts on “Durarara!!!x2 Ten 01 – Izaya Loves All of Us

  1. He’s going to die??? ;___; I have to go back and rewatch s1 (at least near the end ish) because I remember nothing xD

  2. I love this article. Just want to inform you that the 3rd Cour of Durarara!!x2 will be aired in Jan 1, 2016. So much excited!

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