Charlotte 01 – Think About Others


I really like this one, as far as the first episode goes.

So what do we have here? A bunch of teenagers having powers of some sort. A school for those people and a student council whose job is to monitor and control those other teenagers in abusing their gifts.

And oh… a handsome main character who abuses his power to get what he wanted. Good grades? Check. Kick someone’s ass? Check. Go for the girl to his likings? Check.


*slow clap*

Well, to be honest, Yu Otosaka is too much of an ass. Who the hell will “create” an accident just to hit on a girl? What if someone became badly hurt? Well, scratch that. I really like him. His internal dialogues and reactions make him so much of an interesting guy.

The other characters are also as equally interesting. We don’t know much about them yet (well duh, it’s just the first episode silly you, shii-chan!) so I am hoping to get more attached to them in the next few episodes. How will they interact with one another? I am foreseeing some kind of love conflicts and dramas in the future, so yeah. Good luck to them.

well, who wouldn't?

well, who wouldn’t?

This kind of shows brings me back to my younger self (not that I’m that old, teehee) when I was thinking what would I do if ever I have those kind of powers. To be honest, I think I would do what Yu had been doing if ever I got hold of such gifts. That of itself made this show a bit relatable to its audience – at least for me.

nice angle, good job!

nice angle, good job!

The art is great! Something I would expect from P.A. Works, the studio that produced such beautifully made anime like Nagi no Asukara and Shirobako. The character designs and the backgrounds are also real good. The characters look so young and cute, which is well suited in this kind of show.

I really would like to know what will happen in this show in the future. I somewhat made some kind of expectations in this one so I hope I won’t be disappointed. Well for now; enjoy my compilation of Yu’s screenshots.


10 thoughts on “Charlotte 01 – Think About Others

  1. When I first watched Charlotte, I couldn’t help but think that Yu kinda resembles Lelouch, but then as the anime goes by it turned out they have a big difference in personality. Nevertheless, the ending made me cry :'(. It was one of the most beautiful anime I’ve ever seen.

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