Working!!! 01 – Welcome Back to Wagnaria!


Man, this show will definitely put me in a good mood every week. I am so glad that the anime gods heard my prayers for it to have another season. I thought that it will just stay as a dream of mine. Arigatou Kamisama!

I will never get tired of watching the whole gang interacts with one another. I mean, they are just so fun and stupid to watch. I dunno what they will add to spice things up in the show some more but I am more than willing to see how they will do that.

look who's jealous~~

look who’s jealous~~

As usual, Takanashi is into small and cute stuffs. Seeing Popura-chan jealous of the little girl is so cute. But she doesn’t have to worry; Takanashi won’t neglect his cute little senpai.

What’s really fun about this episode is the “hide and seek” between the Yamada siblings – two of my favorites – and the Otoo Couple. I mean, seriously they are all close to reuniting with one another. Although I know that it is TOO early for them to meet, it surprises me that this show manages to put me on edge like that. I mean, seriously, how did she get out of that locked room?

this guy is hopeless...

this guy is hopeless…

Anyway, Kirio is just so fucking and adorably stupid. His every little action brings fun to my well-being. And seeing Takanashi subconsciously jealous of him over Inami-chan is great.

It is really hard to say/write something when it comes to comedy. You just have to watch it. So long as it is fun as it intends to be, that’s good. I consider this show as one of my early favorites in the comedy genre. I remembered laughing my ass off over the jokes and stupidly fun interactions among the characters.

Here’s hoping for another fun season! I need this as a stress reliever ~


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