The Past, the Present and the Future

Hello there!

As you all know, I have been slowly fading out in the anime blogosphere and finally had my longest hiatus that lasted for six months. Well, mostly the reason for that is my pursuit of undergraduate degree of education. Reality is slowly catching up to me so I had to increase my pace and be serious about some matters concerning my future. Also, the lack of regular access over the internet is also the major cause.

Well enough of my excuses. You may have noticed that I have been posting again some contents on this blog. Does that mean that I am back for good? Unfortunately, I have to disappear once again sometime soon. I am already in my last year so I gotta go all out and enjoy it. I will also attend a review school right after as a preparation for the CPA licensure examination. Needless to say, I don’t need any distractions during that time so maybe I’ll cut off even my anime and manga time.  I am aiming for the top, afterall.

Aside for posting my “excuses” and announcing another hiatus soon, the reason for this post is well… to reminisce the old me – the old shiizumi – and my plans for the future.

shhhhh~ i'm trying to concentrate

shhhhh~ i’m trying to concentrate

A lot of things have changed over the past (almost) three years of blogging. I haven’t checked out my blog for a while so I re-read some of my entry posts. And man, I couldn’t believe that I was capable of writing those. I am by no means that good when it comes to writing, I can’t really compare myself to other bloggers out there. But when I checked those past blog posts, I was amazed with myself that I was able to pour out those thoughts and feelings before. Like I was reading some other people’s writings. I don’t know if other bloggers had felt that way before but it amazed me somehow.

To be honest, I wanted to get that back. I realized that I had so much passion before when it comes to blogging although I knew that I was also holding back “something” somehow. But right now, I think those are impossible. As I have said, I need to focus on reality soon. This second home of mine needs to be vacant again.

Also, I’ve noticed that I don’t reply (most of the times) to some comments. Man, that was so bad of me, right? If you’re reading this and you’re one of them, I sincerely apologize. I wanted to get those familiar faces back in this blog. But hey, I need to visit their blogs as well! I’ll do that soon.

time to think back

time to think back

I am really thankful to those new faces that followed me. Whenever a notification comes up on my phone regarding some new follows, I get somewhat guilty – “Man, I need to post something…” Yeah, I get that feeling. I am also grateful, of course, to the old followers and lurkers (if there are any) out there.

Once I get my license as a CPA, I will surely get back to blogging. Not as much as I have been before but surely I could post new contents every now and then. I will pick up these projects that I stopped doing:


… and other stuffs. But that will be, like, after a year or so. I am also planning on visiting Japan after the exam or probably early 2017. I am starting to save up money for that. I will use it as a reward to all of my hardwork. And besides, working for a goal isn’t that bad. Damn, I am so excited.

Anyway, this post has gone too personal, serious and non-anime related. Kudos to those who had read this up to this point! Thanks for visiting. If ever you need something, strike up a conversation on my twitter account.

Meanwhile, you can expect more posts coming from me in the next few days! Ja ne!

27 thoughts on “The Past, the Present and the Future

  1. goodluck sa iyong CPA exam. Medyo madugo yan pero goodluck muna for your last year of college. Kelan tayo aatend ng con? haha.
    goodluck again to your future endeavors. Priority is a must but I do hope you come back to aniblogging as well. Anyways, may all your hopes and plan come to fruition. Cheers on almost three years of blogging. We hung on for a long time, huh

    • Thank you! Thank you! I have to work harder. (/^_^)/
      As for the convention, I think I could squeeze in some time this year. Let’s talk about it sometime 🙂

      • lol, I know you can do it. If you can keep blogging for almost three years then I’m sure most of the hard stuff can feel like cake walk. XD
        I also plan on studying again next year so good luck to all our plans.
        hehe, itutulog tlga ntin toh? It’s been awhile since I visited a con. I think I might have a panic attack. XD

        • Oh that’s great! Good luck with that. Same goes for you! You started way longer than I am (right?) and you’re almost very consistent when it comes to you blogging schedules 🙂

          Well, if we could push it through, it will be my first time! If you’ll have a panic attack, how about me? 😀
          I’m still not sure though. My review will start on November this year (I’m planning to have double review)…

          • konting bwan lng ata ang pagitan natin. bsta medyo sabay sabay tau. alam ko nauna talaga c blacksheep tapos ako tapos ikaw. I’m very serious with my 1000 goal so I really try to balance all my sh*t together. work, personal life, anime, and all my other adult responsibilities. I still falter though. My output has decreased drastically as well.

            oh my, i’m very anti-social so that would be the funniest thing to see two out of fish people in a convention. XD
            review agad?! wow. so sure na gragraduate ah. galing. accountancy p nmn. naku, I wish you the very good of luck my friend.

  2. Yes!!! Good luck! I hope that everything will go and that you will be able to go to Japan and that you will be safe and enjoy yourself there and of course that you will be able to get back to posting once all this “important reality stuff” has passed!

  3. Sounds like a goodbye post!!!!! Gewd luck and I wish you the best and make sure you won’t disappear from the anime blogs cause YOU’RE my BIGGEST RIVAL!!Still a novice though…

    • Well yeah, this post also serves as a goodbye post… but not a permanent one. I’ll make sure to be back as soon as I can 🙂

      Anyway, thanks and good luck as well. I feel so honored to be seen as your rival although if you were to ask me, I’m not fitted to be one 😉 But yeah… that’s greatly appreciated.

  4. Man, we haven’t really talked here but I was really every time we had a little conversation. >///<

    Good luck and have fun in your final college year. Do your best in the CPA licensure exam! Aim for the ace! 😀 And yeah, we'll probably see each other around in twitter. :3

  5. Hi there! I’m on the lookout for Manga/Anime bloggers and found your blog. I couldn’t find your email here, can you please send me an email: alysonburston[at] — It’s regarding writing about Anime type of offer. This isn’t spam by the way. Cheers!

  6. Thank you….The Animes are used in different fields for various purposes because it is easiest method to convey the messages without any struggle.

  7. Ahaha, i also feel the same sir, whenever i look back and read my previous post i feel proud but most of the times i edit it because i notice some wrong grammars. Lol.

    I have just started posting and being active online lately, and im sure you will too someday when you have adjusted in your time. You should sir asap because there more new and cool anime to watch. 🙂

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