Welcoming 2013 with My Top 5 Anime of 2012

Happy New Year

This anime is not one of them….

It’s now year 2013. You know what that means? We survived the Mayan apocalypse! Every living creature of this planet deserves a big round of applause *clapclap*. So, when will be the next “end of the world”?

Anyway, year 2012 has been a great anime year for a lot of us. Well for me, I watched more series this year than I did in my past 17 years of existence. I start following on-going series which, at that moment, I really don’t feel like doing. Watching on-going series and watching completed series give kinda different feel for me. This blog is also a product of 2012!

So what are my plans this 2013?

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Holiday Break and Winter Season Anime

K-On Christmas

I’m finally on my Holiday Break! After I faced the wrath of the so-called prelim exam, I can finally take a break and do whatever I want! Of course that includes anime marathons!!!

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K Episode 11 – The First and Silver King

Sceptre 4

The Scepter 4 was on the standby waiting for the Blue King Munakata Reisi’s order. Right then, an explosion occured inside the school. It was set by a masked man.

Thinking the Red ones are behind the explosion, they entered the school. Awashima ordered them to surrender but the Homra guys won’t budge. Munakata left the situation to Awashima. Continue reading

K Episode 10 – To see a “Friend”


The Homra along with their king, Mikoto Suoh, invaded the island of Ashinaka High School. They locked down the place and took a full control of the said island. Continue reading