Shiizumi’s Simplistic Reasons for Watching Anime

Ao no Exorcist

This post is a part of a project being held by my fellow anime blogger, Kai. Can I join the party?

I’ve known anime for the longest time but I came to love it just about two years ago. Back then, there were only few shows to choose from our local television and most of them are all reruns for the hundredth times! Thankfully, the knowledge of this so-called anime online streaming reached my radar so I became much updated with the new and current shows being aired in Japan.

Anyway, anime became an important part of my life and I must say, I can’t live a week without it. That being said, what are my reasons for watching anime?

In the beginning, I watch anime and used it as a SWORD TO FIGHT BOREDOM. Admit it, we all did right? However, my reasons for watching anime became deeper and deeper as time goes by.


The most basic and the most generic answer would be is: TO ESCAPE REALITY. We’ve been facing reality for the rest of our lives and sometimes we are becoming sick and tired of it. School, work and other boring and routinary stuffs. Isn’t it nice to have a way to leave reality behind and be sucked into a world just for yourself even just for a while? There are plenty of healthy and unhealthy ways to do it. As for me, anime is my temporary escape. I lock myself inside my room, forget everything around me and indulge myself into the world of anime. But don’t worry, I make sure that I come back to the real world. I’m not one of those who substitute their escape to their reality.

kimi ni todoke

Anyway, sometimes when I’m feeling stressed/depressed, I watch light anime especially comedies. It helps me forget my problems even just for a bit. It is therefore my FORM OF RELAXATION. But sometimes, when I’m feeling all-happy, as if everything’s going my way, I rewatch depressing shows. I want to cry. I want to get angry. I want to get depressed. I dunno, but I want everything balanced in my life. Maybe there’s something wrong with me?

The apple which symbolizes fate - Mawaru Penguindrum

The apple which symbolizes fate – Mawaru Penguindrum

Anime is also a way to tackle ideas and awaken the minds of the viewers about certain things. They do it unconventionally, in an interesting way. Shows like Mawaru Penguindrum and Steins;Gate tackle the subjects of “fate” and “time travel” in a way you’ll definitely enjoy. That being said,  I watch anime TO EXPLORE NEW  IDEAS. You can do also do it by searching in google and stuffs like that, but for people like me who doesn’t want to bother doing such things, anime is the right place to learn new things.

cried a lot T_T

Anime series are capable of changing one’s perspective. They teach subtle lessons in life that one hardly notices. I must say that anime CHANGED MY PERSPECTIVE IN LIFE. The lessons I learned in shows like Natsume Yuujinchou are priceless. They say that experience is the best teacher but for me, anime helps me “experience” some things I wont otherwise experience in the real world.

The reasons I stated above can also be applied to other forms of media. However, anime is the “right and the best” medium for me. I don’t like comparing it to other forms of media because I would be too bias.

I just love the art and the animation. It is very unique and lovely. There are also a wide variety of stories to choose from and sometimes it tackles even the most trivial things in life. What I like about it is that it explores the improbable and nothing is impossible in the story given the right amount of budget. No laws of physics being applied. It caters to the tastes of everyone, of any gender, of any age.

Cantus, Queerats and etc

Cantus, Queerats and etc

Okay, so those are my reasons for watching anime. Oh, I forgot the most important one. I watch anime because IT IS FUN! So, you my dearest readers, what are your reasons for watching anime?

5 thoughts on “Shiizumi’s Simplistic Reasons for Watching Anime

  1. Contradictory opposition, lol. I’m not sure what’s the basis behind how I choose my anime too. Sometimes when I’m sad and depressed, I try to watch some light-hearted anime for relaxation, but at times, since the day is already so dark, I might as well just make my day darker and watch some dark anime. When my mood is good, I literally can watch any kinds of genre without restriction. Hmm, this gave me an idea, might make a good future post.. xD

    Nice post anyhow. Thanks for joining.

    • It just shows that it really depends on our mood and environment. In my case, when I don’t feel like “using my head” when watching an anime, I avoid those shows which require me to think too much xD

      Anyway, thank you and you’re welcome 🙂

  2. Man. This is way too simple. Be ashamed!!! (Maybe xD)

    I watch anime because…uh…what was the reason again–because it’s awesome? Well, sometimes. But I got tired of watching the usual cartoons you get in America, so anime provided something new and interesting to me 🙂 That’s a simple reason for me watching anime!

    • “Man. This is way too simple. Be ashamed!!! ”

      I know right!!!! Now I wanna go on a journey feeling ashamed of myself. Don’t go looking for me! xD

      Anyway, I get your simple reason 😉 . Anime always offers us something new and fresh, I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of it.

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