Fairy Tail – Demon Mirajane’s 180-Second Fight


It’s frustrating but I don’t have enough magic to take him down. Right now, that’s impossible for me. But I have faith that someone in the guild can beat him so… I’m giving up. You don’t have to worry… I won’t let you die again.

–          Mirajane Strauss [Episode 106]

I consider the Tenroujima Arc as the best arc of Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail Guild held an S-Class Examination in their holy land, the Tenrou Island and the strongest Dark Guild Grimoire Heart interfered to search for the Legendary Dark Wizard Zeref. I really like this arc for one main reason – it makes use of all the main FT Wizards, not just the Team Natsu, and shows their extraordinary feats as mages. It has amazing fight scenes featuring these wizards against the strongest guild of the Ballam Alliance. What’s more to ask?

Lisanna and Mira met Azuma

One of my favorite scenes in the entire anime is Mirajane’s fight against Grimoire Hearts Azuma. After his fight against Wendy’s team, Azuma searches for a strong opponent and ends up at the Fairy Tail’s Main Camp. He confronts the Fairy Sisters, Mirajane and Lisanna, and he easily overpowers them. Mirajane senses a great amount of power from him; of course, she doesn’t want her sister to get hurt so she tells her to search for the other guild mates while she’s making him busy. However, Lisanna is stubborn. She doesn’t want to leave her sister alone.

Mirajane and Lisanna vs Azuma

Azuma is just playing around, throwing explosions upon explosions and seems to be bored. He’s the kind of opponent who gets high when his opponent is strong. Lisanna tries to fight him one on one but failed. Mirajane notes that she has shown great feats changing Take Overs constantly. Maybe that’ll take a lot of magic but as a lot of viewers see, she’s not that strong. I even consider her as one of the weakest girl in Fairy Tail.

Lisanna vs Azuma

Anyway, Lisanna provokes Azuma that Mirajane is a hell lot of stronger if she uses Satan Soul. With that, he wants to have a bout with the said demon. However, Mirajane can’t use her power repeatedly because she still needs a lot of practice since she just recovered the powers she lost two years ago. However, Mirajane doesn’t respond so he traps Lisanna in a time bomb and tells her to fight him within 3 minutes to save her sister.

The fight scenes are great! It’s really nice to see Mirajane in action again. She’s one of the S-Class Wizard of Fairy Tail and is said to be on par with Erza. With her combat skill that is somewhat on Azuma’s level, she doesn’t disappoint to her title. However, she used most of her power during the S-Class exam wherein she fought his brother and Evergreen.

Mirajane kicks Azuma

During the fight, we can see that she’s doing her best while conserving magic. We don’t see her flashier moves, more on hand on hand combats. However, when she see that there’s only few seconds left before the bomb explode, she rushes to Lisanna and hugs her. She doesn’t have a choice since in all angle, we can see her defeat. It’s either the bomb explodes or she depletes her magic.

Lisanna holds the unconscious Mirajane

That scene is very moving. I even tear up a little after watching the siblings hug each other with the violin playing in the background. We can see during the entire scene that Mirajane is very protective of her sister. She lost her once and she doesn’t want to lose her again. She uses the remaining bits of her magic to direct the explosion to herself, knocking her unconscious and full of damage. Thanks to Tenrou Tree’s protection, the fairy sisters are still alive.

A lot of people say that, if Azuma didn’t use that dirty trick, Mirajane could’ve won. I still think that the results will be the same. I’m not saying that she’s weak or anything, but at that moment, she admitted that she doesn’t have magic anymore and Azuma is still as high and healthy as he can be. Maybe if Lisanna is a little bit more helpful and powerful but she’s useless in that fight.

Mirajane protects Lisanna

What surprises me is that, after defeating Mirajane, Azuma leaves the two behind instead of finishing them off. He’s quite a “nice” villain if I were to say. He understands the bond between the sisters and, he doesn’t underestimate his opponents. Yeah, he used some dirty tricks to fight but he’s really strong. And he’s gotten stronger when fighting a formidable opponent.

Anyway, Mirajane is my favorite character in this show. I mean, she’s really interesting and her personality is so adorable. She’s quite an airhead sometimes that adds to the humour of this show. She acts as the “mother” for all the members of the guild and spreads the love equally. And her powers? Damn! It’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E. All in all, she has three Demon Take Overs (including the one in the filler arc).

Satan Take Over

Satan Take Over

Halphas Take Over

Halphas Take Over

Sitri Take Over

Sitri Take Over

I just wish that she‘d have more SERIOUS battles and an arc for herself. I mean, she’s awesome and I want more of her! I’m quite disappointed with her GMG battle and you probably know why. Mashima please! Give her a decent fight, she deserves it!

Again, this arc has a lot of epic fight scenes and, probably, I’m going to cover some of them in the future. Who knows?

So, what can you say about this fight between Mirajane and Azuma? Feel free to voice out your opinions!

She's so lovely!

She’s so lovely!

4 thoughts on “Fairy Tail – Demon Mirajane’s 180-Second Fight

  1. I feel like the fight was a little below the belt. I mean the whole bomb thing just to get Mirajane to fight. The was low brow. Well, there really wasn’t anything else he could have done to convince her, so I suppose that was necessary. I don’t really think anything could have shown Mirajane and Lisana’s sisterhood any better either. That’s what makes Fairy Tail so endearing though–the connection between the guild members. I really enjoyed the fight overall. I also liked the fight between Azuma and Erza.

    • I think that’s one of the only times we’re going to see her fight. She lacks the drive to fight, unless someone, especially someone close to her, is in danger. So even though it pissed me off because she was defeated in “that” way, I’m still glad that she had a fight. I believe she deserves more!

      Erza has a lot of awesome fights, maybe I’ll cover them next time. 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you. I would love to see her more in the spotlight as she is also my favourite character. I love everything about her and I think she was designed really well with a interesting and heart-wrenching background, including her personality change when Lisanna had presumably ‘died’.
    She’s a strong wizard and an S-class one at that. Not one to be underestimated by her adorable appearance. She should fight more often. I want to see her take on jobs and such.

  3. I’ve been a fan of Mirajane ever since. If ever given a much lobger screen time and fights over Erza’s, people would really see how strong she is.
    Anyway, Mira had her fair share of spotlight, enough to be considered one od the strongest members of FT (not to mention that she’s an S-Rank mage) . Even Gray and Natsu feared and acknowledged her strength and power.

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