Winter Anime 2013 First Impressions (Part 1)

Okay… So the Winter season started and a lot of new anime aired this week. I studied for my exams this week so I haven’t check them out until yesterday. I’m a bit surprised a LOT already aired their first episodes and I’m overwhelmed by their number since I’m still trying to catch up with From the New World‘s episode (Oh by the way, it’s good and exciting!).

I decided to try some of them and post my impressions here. So here are the first five:


maiyuu maou yusha

Comment: This anime has an interesting boobs premise. The hero, Yuusha, joined force with the Demon King. Though the first episode was full of explaining here and there, it was rather thought provoking. It discussed and weighed the effects of war economically, politically and socially. However, they threw a lot of information that it became hard to digest (well at least for me). There were no actions which somewhat bore the hell out of me. Also, I don’t get the hero’s attitude. He went to slay the demon king, full of resolve, but then when he saw her bouncy boobs – BOOM, his resolve was gone. Really? You fought many wars to be considered a hero but of all the things that will stop you is bewbs?

Anyway, I would like to commend its visuals. It gives off an RPG feel, especially the setting. During the first part where the hero was being introduced, it’s just like I logged in a RPG game. Cool.

Verdict: I will cover this one for my episodic reviews.



Comment: New classmate from overseas. Childhood friend. Change seats. Panties. Well OreShura have them all. I’ve seen some animes with the same feel like this one. However, this is quite good. The characters are very interesting! Natsukawa Mazusu, the popular chick happens to be an anti-love bitch girl. Kido Eita, man, I feel you bro. “Why is it that everyone has love on the brain?” Well, beats me. One thing I don’t like about OreShura is the use of childhood friend as a love triangle material. I’m sick and tired of it. Can’t they come up with another and unique one? And oh, the visuals are very bright it is quite irritating in the eyes.

Verdict: I will follow this series. However, I still don’t know if I should do an episodic on this one.



Comment: This is quite boring. Well at least for a first episode. Hot guys and a girl with a personality like a blank slate (yeah! yeah! she has an amnesia blah blah), what can you expect with an Otome adaptation? I haven’t played any game of this type (I think), but I know the basics. This reminds me of Arcana Famiglia, an anime of the same sub-genre. It’s too early for me to tell if this is bad or not, but I hope they wouldn’t waste its potential (if there is, I don’t see any at the moment) just like what Arcana did.

Verdict: Hmmm… I might check another episode just to make sure…



Comment: The best of this season I’ve seen so far. The first episode is divided into two. The first half is all about Kotoura’s past. It’s commendable that they put Kotoura’s back-story first so that the audience can sympathize with her. And it was a success! It gave me goosebumps and almost made me cry. The art is dark at first, showing how she views everything around her. Then, it was shattered (look at the above picture) when she met Manabe-kun. The second part shows her first few weeks in school and interaction with Manabe. It established her relationship with him very well. The comedy and brighter visuals of the second half made me think that I was watching another show.

Verdict: I will definitely follow this anime this season. Though, I don’t think it is quite a good material for an episodic review. But let’s see.


cuticle detective inaba

Comment: Man. This is just so bad I can’t express how badly done this anime is. The jokes are all over the place. Timing makes the jokes work. This anime didn’t know what timing is! The good visuals and character designs are wasted! Tsk.

Verdict: Dropped. This is not the anime for me.

That ends the first part of my Winter Season Anime First Impressions. 3 out of 5 piqued my interest. Not bad. Let’s see how Hakkenden touhou hakken ibun, Tamako Market, Vividred Operation, Senyuu, and Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? will do in my next post.

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