Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 3 – The Demon Lord’s True Form

very well said

very well said


Yusa Emi received a strange call from someone saying that both she and the Demon Lord must be eliminated according to Ente Isla’s will. She notified Maou about this and asked him not to die because it is her duty to kill him. Meanwhile, Chiho invited Maou to a date to talk about the forthcoming earthquake she texted the previous night. She told him about the strange voices warning her that a “big one” is coming. Maou concluded that the strange events and the voices were caused by “Idea Link”. Yusa, along with Ashiya, entered the same cafe and interrupted Chiho’s confession. The two girls argued and then a huge earthquake occurred that caused Maou to transform into his old demon self.


It’s a good thing that there are still some cute and funny moments in this episode given that the story is now moving forward. And also the romance is not being left behind!

don't mess with her!

don’t mess with her!

It was confirmed that the one who attacked Maou and Yusa is from Ente Isla. They were planned to be eliminated while they’re both unable to use their powers unlimitedly. The caller claimed that it was according to Ente Isla’s will. And who are those people left in that place? Demons? Nuh. Yusa said that the only general left was Alsiel and I won’t accept it if he’s the one behind all of these. He’s just that adorable okay?! Hero’s Companions? Possible. I will still keep holding on my theory about that. And if it turns out to be wrong, shame on me.

the waifu is giving him a lecture

the waifu is giving him a lecture

So Chiho got the chance to invite Maou to a date. With the help of Ashiya, Maou bought new clothes because he’s always wearing UNICLO (I don’t get it but from what I’ve heard, it’s a popular apparel in Japan). I believe they’re tight on budget so I dunno why Ashiya chose to buy Maou new clothes instead of budgeting it on foods. Yusa is definitely right when she questioned Ashiya’s resourcefulness.

Maou and Chiho

looks like a real gentleman

Anyway, I salute Maou for not being a spineless prick regarding dates! He complimented Chiho’s new hairstyle and even admitted that they’re indeed dating. He even took her hand. Nice job Maou-san! You’re the man!


..bounce, bounce, bounce…

And oh! Chiho’s so cute in this episode!

Yusa and Chiho


Now, of course I expected Yusa to interrupt those two. I’m a MaouxYusa shipper anyway. I find it really funny when she compared her boobies with Chiho’s. A hero doesn’t need big boobs anyway, right? Wrong! Chiho became jealous about her closeness to Maou, even though she kept on saying that they’re enemies, so both of them created a scene until the earthquake occurred.

Behold the true form of the demon lord!

Behold the true form of the demon lord!

Maou got his powers back, somehow, and he’s planning to use it to save people. I’m as confused as Emi here. The Demon Lord is too good, you can’t even imagine him being as evil as what Hero Emi is saying. Perhaps he’s really not evil in the first place? Or maybe the plot requires him to abandon his “evil self” and be the good guy in this show. Either way is fine as long as its enjoyable. The characterization is a little bit messed up already but it’s all right the way it is now.

I don’t know why and how did Maou managed to get his powers back, and I also don’t know where Alsiel is. Where’s he????

This show’s entertainment value is not dropping as of the moment and I hope it’ll continue to rise. Looking forward for more enjoyable scenes next week!

8 stars

By the way, you have to enjoy the end card!

hataraku Maou-sama end card

2 thoughts on “Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 3 – The Demon Lord’s True Form

  1. I enjoyed the episode but hope that the romance doesn’t become the selling point of this series. Not that I have anything against romance per se, but I just think it would be good if Hataraku Maou-sama was one of those comedy shows that didn’t have a romantic sub-plot between it’s main characters for a change. At the moment it’s on par with Suisei no Gargantia as being my top anime of the new spring line-up – I’d hate for that to change, because it’s been a really long time since I’ve seen an anime that’s made me laugh this much.

    • I also hope that this show will focus more on its comedy and fantasy aspect but, for me, a little bit of romance between Maou and Yusa would spice up everything. I would enjoy it more like that but so far, it’s doing great the way it is now. I get your point though. 🙂

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