Karneval Episode 6 – To Set Them Free

yotaka and tsubame


Yotaka’s death leaves Yogi, Nai, Gareki and Tsubame in despair. Hirato chases the on the run, Meiga, and later on catches him with his puppet dolls. Circus First Ship Captain Tsukitachi appears alongside his fighters, Kiichi and Jiki. They question the paralyzed Meiga about his involvement in Kafka and then kill him. Meanwhile, Yogi explains everything to Tsubame and she asks them to kill her. She offers herself to Tsukitachi and requests to visit his grandfather for the last time. She learns about Gareki helping them from the shadow and offers to be a specimen for Circus’ experiment to defeat the Kafka.


Karneval redeems itself with this nice conclusion for Gareki’s past. It feels great that we are given answers to some of the questions we have regarding this series, well more on this arc. Although it is late, because we are almost halfway to the ending, it is quite nice to learn more about this show.

Circus’ first ship is aiming to capture this man called “Meiga”. He’s the one who experimented Gareki’s family and changed Yotaka into a Varuga. Coincidentally, Hirato tails Gareki and sets him as bait for the Bestial Varuga, who attacked them in Niji Island, to appear. This Meiga is without a doubt part of Kafka, that is, if Palnedo is also a part of that.

Tsukitachi and Tsubame

Tsubame gives up herself to Tsukitachi because, well, she is all alone now. Even though she still has Gareki, she thinks that he hates her. But later on, she discovers that the one who pays her Grandfather’s hospital bill is Gareki. It was never dealt with in the previous episodes so it came to me as a surprise that that old man is still alive. He left them so that he can earn money to support them from the dark. He did some dangerous jobs so that Tsubame and Yotaka will be able to fend off for themselves without the burden of the hospital bills. After learning about this, she offers herself as a specimen to defeat the evil organization.


We also learned Circus’ main mission and that is to eliminate all the Varuga’s and annihilate the organization that creates them – the Kafka. There are two ways to create a Varuga, one is through continuous cell fusion and the other is when your body has a contact with the Varuga’s blood. Those persons who undergo both processes are victims of the evil organization and to set them free of the burden, Circus kills them. But they’re still looking for another way to deal with it so that they’ll be able to turn them back again to being human.

He's cool :)

Cool isn;t he?

Now we know the source of Varuga’s power. How about the Circus? Do we have a chance to get an explanation about their magic and science? Let’s see.


Kawaii bitch 🙂

So finally, the side characters in the OP are given some screen time this week! Thank goodness, I’m tired waiting for them to appear. The first ship captain, Tsukitachi, appears alongside with his fighters, Kiichi and Jiki. God, more bishies!

Meiga on the rn

Also, we got to see some magic and actions. Hirato’s magic allows him to call upon beautiful girls from his hat and summon lightning. Nice one. So whenever he needs a woman, all he need is to… No! He’s for Tsukitachi or maybe Akari-sensei.

Overall, it’s a pretty nice episode and I feel more sympathetic to the characters since we got the chance to see some other sides of them. Gareki acts all so tough but is a soft person deep inside. I expected him to be angry because he’s not the one who killed the man he’s looking for, but he can divert that anger to the Kafka and help Circus along the way.

Nai and Tsubame

Nai becomes more and more perceptive and now understands the human emotions. His monologue about everyone’s feelings the moment Yotaka died gives us, the audience, more reasons to feel sorry for Tsubame and Gareki. But not strong enough to feel the same way as he is.

Now, I wanna see more of the Circus’ magic and stuffs. And god please! Give Tsukumo some screen time! She’s one of the main characters right? RIGHT?!!

7 stars

2 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 6 – To Set Them Free

  1. Your disdain for the twins amuses me to great lengths.
    Kawaii bitch…remove the kawaii part because if I were Yogi, I would have cut that slut’s tongue off and stuck it straight up her candy ass.

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