Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 6 – The Demons’ Bane

Ashiya's weapon

This is what I mean.


Lucifer, now known as Urushihara, is now living with Maou and Ashiya in the Castle Overlord. He is helping them in finding out a way to replenish their demonic powers through the internet. He tells Maou and Ashiya about the forbidden classroom in a local high school, and along with Chiho, the three of them investigate the place. Yusa follows them and after some ruckus, they end up in the forbidden classroom wherein they find out that they are tricked by Urushihara to retrieve his game console. On his way home, Maou catches his new neighbour who falls down the stairs.


As expected, I’m loving Urushihara’s presence in this show! He is just so adorable. He becomes Maou and Ashiya’s child and the three of them lives happily in their home – the Castle Overlord. He’ll become a regular of this show right?



Gawd I agree. I mean, she he could’ve sold that game console but instead he brought it back to his kid, Urushihara. They have been spoiling him to the point of buying him a laptop, installing the internet and giving him foods. He’s such a good mother.

As a wife, he’s also a great one!



Anyway, there’s this mysterious girl who reports to the church about Yusa and Maou being alive and Orba’s defection. The church previously announced the Hero’s death to the public and after hearing the report, they are now facing some problems. The only solution would be either to admit their mistakes to the public and be humiliated or to eliminate Yusa, Emerada and Rolando. The decision is given to the girl and we are not given her response.

mystery girl

Well, she’is Maou’s new neighbour (I believe) and will be another regular on this show. However, we don’t know what’s her real purpose for coming to the Earth. Maybe she’ll add up to Maou’s harem so let’s see.



I’m still wondering what’s Miki-tan’s objective in this show. Well, aside for comic relief, I think she’ll be reintroduce as another villain. Who knows? She’ll be a powerful one considering that Urushihara, Ashiya and Maou didn’t stand a chance with only her bikini picture.


I love the new ED animation! But yeah, I’m quite sad that I’ll never get to see Chiho-chan in her bikini in the upcoming weeks.

Overall, this is a good episode. I had a few laughs, especially when Maou was scared about the seventh mystery of Chiho’s school. I mean, his VA has done a really great job! I will not explain further how funny this episode is, just watch it and you will see. I’m on it  every week.

7 stars

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