K Episode 7

Finally, the show is becoming more and more solid as it  goes on. The plot is becoming more clear, unravelling some mysteries of the past episodes. Some scenes which I thought are fillers from the past episodes now serve some purpose. Only some of them though.


The episode started where we left off last week, Kuroh and Shiro in the stadium having a serious conversation about their predicament.

Just when about Shiro’s about to tell Kuroh something, the lights switched on. I’m expecting something like confession from Shiro, anyway…

The Scepter 4 surrounded the area and asked them to surrender. However Kuroh refused, of course, it forced the Scepter 4 to use their sabers.

Neko, hiding in the corner of the stadium, used her power and interfered with the senses of the Scepter guys. However it was not too long before Awashima Seri noticed it. She ordered to seal of the perimeter.

Kuroh faces Seri and he is at the advantage even without drawing his sword.

The blue king, Munakata Reisi, made his entrance after being told by Fushimi to do his job seeing that they were at the disadvantage. He negated Neko’s sensory interference and even showed her true form as an unknown Strain.

Kuroh sacrificed himself to let Shiro and Neko escape then fought the Blue King. I love this snapshot by the way. This is in the trailer video right?

And the best attack goes to this one! Slap attack! Wew. Poor Kuroh. He’s at the disadvantage now. He was no match for a king.

Oh no! Munakata totally and literally kicked Kuroh’s ass!

So the Colorless King, Ichigen Miwa, whom Kuroh used to serve is just like his title, a wild card. He can tip the balance of the other kings. So maybe, there are two sides among the seven kings. The good and the bad. And now, Kuroh’s mission is to make sure that Yashiro Isana, the new Colorless King will be neither good or bad,

With how Munakata is talking, I am thinking that he is one of the bad guys. But maybe I’m wrong since I don’t know a thing about the Blues.

Neko used her power to distract their opponents.

The three of them managed to escape from the Scepter 4. Shiro asked about Neko’s power. It is revealed that aside from the senses and perception, the Strain can also play with a person’s memory as long as she is around. She created false memories with the people Shiro met making them believe that they knew him for long.

After hearing it, Shiro  asked Neko to undo the spell even though his life is at risk at Kuroh’s hand. Kuroh is not in favor of the idea and tells Shiro to think it over. I think he is becoming more attached to Shiro now. However, Shiro thinks that he should settle the issue right at the moment.

So Shiro fell from the sky eh? There he met Neko, who was afraid of him but eventually came to like him. Kukuri came and asked who he is. Neko changed her memory as if she knew Shiro.

Her power is so cool! She changed the setting into a movie theater while displaying Shiro’s past. Shiro asked if she can bring back his memories before that. After the assurance that Shiro will still be Neko’s Shiro, Neko obeyed.

Then she did. And the long haired guy from the first episode (What’s his name? Weissman?) appeared to let Shiro fell from the sky. He had the same voice as the “Shiro” from the video of Tatara.

I have a theory that he is the one who really killed Tatara and disguised himself as the Colorless King to keep the balance off among the seven kings by making Shiro evil. I’m not sure, but this I know is true: Shiro is not evil. Thus he will not be slain by Kuroh and they will live happily ever after. No, just kidding.

I’m looking forward for the next episode!

8 stars

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