Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Episode 12 – Grow Up Together

Natsume Asako waiting for a call on New Year's Eve

Natsume Asako waiting for a call on New Year’s Eve


Natsume Asako went to the batting center to bring something to Sasayan, and of course to try talking to Mi-chan. One of Sasayan’s friend tries to ask her out but she dismissed him having his friends laughing at them. Haru, bribed by Shizuku to behave, invited Natsume on their picnic after the New Year. While Shizuku is on her winter prep course, Natsume and Haru accompanied each other. Christmas came and the days go on. Everyone is busy with their own things, Sasayan with his baseball practice, Haru reading books about gorillas, Shizuku and Yamaken on their prep course, and Natsume on her online world. On the New Year’s Eve, Natsume became very lonely especially after lying to her online friends about having so much fun with her friends. Shizuku called her to ask something which made her very happy. She invited herself along with Haru on Shizuku’s house. While they are sleeping, Natsume got a call from Sasayan inviting them to visit the shrine. They saw Yamaken and his gang, as well as Ooshima and Yuu-chan. They went to the rooftop of the batting center, where Natsume confessed to Mi-chan.


Leaving the development of Haru and Shizuku’s relationship on the background, this episode shifted its focus on our klutz beauty, Natsume Asako. She is a very interesting character with an equally interesting problem.  She was shunned by other girls for being too cute and standing out too much, attracting every guys which made other girls envy her. It’s not really her fault but as she have concluded, females’ relationship should be lateral.

Natsume Asako

For that reason, she disliked guys especially those who hit on her as you can see in this episode. She lived her life on the internet, which most people probably can relate to.

shizuku, haru, natsume

After meeting Shizuku and Haru, her world expanded and she wants to protect it. She wants to have fun with everyone where she wont be hurt. She doesn’t want her little happiness be threatened by other things.


But that is not possible, as Mitsuyoshi said to her. You won’t grow if you aren’t hurt. You won’t change if  you keep on hiding on the safety of your shell. He also stated that LOVE will help you grow and with that, Natsume somewhat confessed her feelings for him.


So let’s go to Sasahara Souhei. Sasayan is interested in Natsume, that I am sure. He admitted that he’s never been in love before so maybe he isn’t aware of his feelings. Or maybe he is. He became aware of Natsume’s crush for Mi-chan so maybe.


This anime definitely needs another season. There are lots of interesting characters that needed to be covered. Ooshima for example. Her character is really likeable though she is just there to spark a love triangle. She is simple, very realistic. In love but accepts things as they are. I hope to see lot of her and of course, of Yuzan, Yuu-chan and Sasayan.

There’s only a week left. Though I’m really glad they did cover Natsume’s point of view, I see it as a bad thing that they  decided to put a hold on the main couple’s relationship. We need to see the development. We don’t want an open ending right?

8 stars

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