Welcoming 2013 with My Top 5 Anime of 2012

Happy New Year

This anime is not one of them….

It’s now year 2013. You know what that means? We survived the Mayan apocalypse! Every living creature of this planet deserves a big round of applause *clapclap*. So, when will be the next “end of the world”?

Anyway, year 2012 has been a great anime year for a lot of us. Well for me, I watched more series this year than I did in my past 17 years of existence. I start following on-going series which, at that moment, I really don’t feel like doing. Watching on-going series and watching completed series give kinda different feel for me. This blog is also a product of 2012!

So what are my plans this 2013?

Watching more anime series is my top priority. Also, as awkward as I can be, I’ll be more active in the anime and blogging community. Please bear with me everyone 🙂

There’re some promising series this winter season, so I’ll try covering at least two of them. I already made a to-watch list, so you might as well check it out. But first, I will finish some anime in my backlog.

Though I watched many series last year, many of them are not from 2012. But they are enough for me to name “MY TOP 5 of 2012”. I won’t be discussing much about them in this post because I might cover them for a review in the future. Well, if I feel like it.

So here it is, drum roll please!

5. Kuroko no Basuke

Kuroko no BasukeCool guys. Nice Basketball moves. I’m a total KuroBasu fan! I’m not that interested in sports anime, in fact it is only the second sports anime I watched since SlamDunk, but with its cool animation and nice character design I fell in love with it. If you are following me on tumblr, you can see how much I squeal “yaoi” with every KuroBasu fan there. Note: This is not a yaoi.

4. Tari Tari

TariTariFor an anime which caters music to their audience, this is a great one. It has an interesting plot and characters (though some of them are not that utilized especially the guys), and of course an amazing music. In fact, I have all of their songs in my mp3. Every time I’m on my 1-hour travel to school, I listen to them. Love it.

3. Kimi to Boku.2

kimi to boku This series does not have an extravagant plot and an over-the-top art design. It just have a simple episodic events following our 5 normal high school boys doing their stuffs. It’s really a heart-warming and relax anime, which at some point can make you gag some laughter and suppress some tears. The romance is also great! This is my very definition of slice-of-life anime. Both seasons are great by the way.

2. Hyouka

Hyouka I almost put this anime on hold and forget forever. Wait. Did I just plan to drop this anime? Well at first I did. The amazing art made the first few episodes bearable for me but BOOM! Here comes the Cultural Festival and everything started to become interesting, likeable and enjoyable. Character development is Hyouka’s main asset for me. Everyone grew in the course of 22 episode. In a very realistic way. They really feel like, umm, human. The mysteries, though sometimes a little but trivial caused by Chitanda’s awesome curiosity, are engaging. But most importantly, I love Houtarou, Chitanda, Satoshi and Mayaka.

1. Natsume Yuujinchou Shi

Natsume Yuujinchou ShiGod. I don’t even know how to start giving my praises to this anime. There’s just TOO MANY! This series is my favorite of ALL TIMES. Natsume Yuujinchou offers episodic events in Natsume Takashi’s life wherein we can see him develop as a character. His interactions with yokai’s are heart-warming and sometimes a real tearjerker. I think this is the last season of this series, though I would’ve loved to have another one. But the ending is the BEST ending I’ve seen yet as he comes to accept everything. If you haven’t watched this one, I definitely recommend this because you don’t know what you are missing. Also, please read Marow’s post about it here.

Oh Crap! This is supposed to be a short post. But. Never mind.

Happy New Year to all of us! May this year gives us a great and fun anime ride!

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