Amnesia Episode 5 & 6 – Wishing Upon A Shooting Star

ikki and heroine 2


Our heroine woke up in an alternate world where Ikki is her boyfriend. Even though she’s confused, she still went with the flow. Then, she was bothered by the rumours about Ikki dating girls only for three months as if it’s just a game. As she walked home from work in the rain, she met the mysterious green-haired guy again. Ikki nursed her back to health the next day when she caught a cold. After some few days, they went to a trip to Shinano with the Billiard Association, which turns out to be an Ikki fans club. Apparently, she was a member and has agreed to a promise of “sharing” Ikki among them. Rika and her subordinates confronted her saying that her time is almost up. They shoved her in a boat, which eventually sinks along with our heroine…


Before anything else, I would like to apologize that my posts lagged way behind my usual schedule. I have lots of things going on, so yeah.

Ikki’s route is a lot more interesting than that of Shin’s. Though when it comes to romance, I would still bet for Shin x Heroine.

heroine and ikki2

Once, when he was younger, Ikki wished upon a shooting star to become popular with girls. Who would have thought that his wish would come true? Every girl who looks into his eyes fell in love with him. He dated several girls and for some reasons they all leaves him behind after three months. Little did he know that these girls were all part of the same fans club and agreed to “share” him among themselves for the limit of three months. And surprisingly, our heroine was part of that club in this alternate world.


Our heroine now understands (a little bit) her current situation. She’s in an alternate world/reality wherein her current boyfriend is Ikki. Orion confirmed that not everything that happened to her is a dream. Talking about Orion, he still can’t maintain his presence around her and keeps on disappearing. I thought that maybe he plays a major role in this story, but all he did so far was to explain some obvious stuffs to our heroine. But let’s see…

Since Ikki’s magical (wew) eyes doesn’t work on our heroine, he took a great interest on her. And slowly, his feeling transformed into a deeper one. He wanted her to fall in love with him. And I want him to succeed.


However, those bitches, headed by Rika, wanted to remind our heroine about her promise. The daily report that she thought was from work was actually from Ikki’s fans club. What right do they have to play with Ikki’s feelings? Thankfully, he’s not being serious up until now. I would really like to know what happened next if only the story continued.

surprisingly, she can't swim ....

surprisingly, she can’t swim ….

Again, our heroine met another accident. Whenever she comes to terms with what’s happening around her, in the alternate world, this shit happens. Judging from the pattern, she will wake up again, on August 1st to a similar world yet somehow different from where she was. Especially, her boyfriend.

As for Ukyou (the green-haired dude), it seems like he’s the only one not affected by the changes around our heroine. He remembered meeting with her and reminded her not to make enemies in this alternate world. I don’t know his role yet but definitely he knew what’s happening or worse, he’s the one behind all this.

7 stars

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