Karneval Episode 4 – Yogi and Gareki’s Sweet Moments



Circus’ Second Ship Fighter Iva came to Niji Island and saved Gareki from the Bestial Varuga. The two returned to the ship while Akari, Yogi and Nai continued their search in the cave. They found a notebook hidden behind some stones and retrieved it for further analysis. Gareki, along with Yogi and Nai, met Tsubame when they decided to stopped by his hometown – Karasuna. She told him about some strange things that are happening to her and Yogi suspected that she became a Varuga. That night, they saw her walked out of her house so they decided to follow her. They found a corpse with the same markings that Tsubaki has and saw Yotaka, with his hands dripping with blood.


I got a nosebleed.

Well… not really. But there are a lot of gay scenes from this episode so I know that a lot of fujoshi and fudanshi are rejoicing! Raise your hands if you’re one of them! Don’t be shy!

Gareki don't be shy!

Gareki don’t be shy!



Alright, enough with that. This show doesn’t want to give us answers right away. Instead, it keeps on throwing more mysteries to us.



So the injured Karoku is in Erisyuka’s mansion. She was the cute with her grandfather in the train jacking accident, saved by the Circus. Her grandfather has something to do with the attack on Nai. He also has a contact in the Kafka so we can say that he’s a bad guy. Now, they have Karoku and Erisyuka has taken a strange liking to him. She wants him to be infatuated to her. She’s a little bit desperate, right? She’s the one behind the Varuga’s attack on the Niji Island. Karoku has been quite interested with Gareki so she wanted to kidnap him and take him as a gift to Karoku. Oh my, she’s obsessed.

Anyway, I hate that brat. Anyone who’s getting in Karoku and Nai’s way should be hated! Just kidding. But really, I felt something stirred inside of me when I learned that she’s keeping him for herself. You selfish brat!


So Karoku left something behind for Nai. He still has communication with him and maybe he’s some kind of a key for these mysteries. He seems to be a really good guy and treated Nai preciously. I want them to be together again. Soon.

We learned more about Gareki when he visited Kasaruna. Well it’s not really where he was born but he grew up there. When he escaped the ship carrying the kids who are sold and being experimented, he was saved by Tsubaki. He met her twin siblings, Tsubame and Yotaka. The four of them lived together until one day, Tsubaki was killed by the man she loved. Gareki swears that he will kill that man no matter what.



When he met Tsubame after two years, he discovered that she killed a man, no, not a single man, a lot of them. She doesn’t have knowledge about the killings; she just realized that she killed them afterwards. Both Gareki and Yogi came to the conclusion that maybe she became a Varuga. They tried to follow her but they saw a corpse with the same marking as Tsubaki’s. That’s when Gareki realized that the killer might be the same. However, the one they saw was Yotaka.

A lot of people were experimented to become a Varuga. Maybe, the twins are also one of them. We all know that Kafka’s the one behind it. So now that Gareki learned about this, he’ll become more attached to the Circus because they both have the same enemies now.

Gotta love her!

Gotta love her!

I’m being more attached to this show now; you may guess the reasons why. The characters are really lovable! We get to see Iva in this episode. She’s such a diva! She has less screen time than Tsukomo but she’s far more interesting. I thought Tsukomo is one of the main characters, but… I can’t feel her. Please, give her more screen time!

Anyway, I’m so looking forward for the next episode. I want to see some magic and actions! Iva’s magic attack is awesome and I want more!

8 stars

2 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 4 – Yogi and Gareki’s Sweet Moments

  1. My thoughts in short after watching this episode:
    -Iva x Tsukumo = Happy OG. also, Iva and Tsukumo, two of the top 4 characters.
    -Yogi Bear is awesome, both the guy and the classic cartoon. Best male character on the show.
    -Girl with pink hair, you suck.
    -Nai’s supposed animal form is adorable.

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