Karneval Episode 5 – Fly Somewhere… Far Away



Yotaka attacks Yogi, Nai and Gareki while they are looking for Tsubame. They manage to escape but Yogi decides to deal with the Varuga alone and tells them to leave the town. Gareki reminisces his past with his family and chooses to disregard Yogi’s order to continue his search for Tsubame. Nai finds Tsubame and helps her escape from Meiga. However, he catches and brings them to Yotaka, who already defeated Yogi. Gareki joins the fray and learns the truth about about what’s going on. Yotaka asks Gareki to kill him but before he can do it, Hirato ended his life.


Gareki’s arc is now coming to its end, maybe until next week. We got to know more about Gareki and his only family. He left them, after Tsubaki died, and did some dirty works to fend for himself. Tsubame and Yotaka think that maybe he hates them but that’s not the case. He doesn’t want them to be involved with him anymore because he wishes for them to have a safe and sound life.


It’s also revealed that this mysterious guy is the cause of all the sufferings Gareki’s family experienced. He seems to be like Izaya from Durarara! Who loves to observe other people’s actions. But he’s worse than him, and Izaya is way COOLER! Anyway, he experimented the twins (by giving them drugs) to be able to observe them change into Varugas. Maybe he’s part of the Kafka?


Yotaka became suspicious and took Tsubame’s dosage so he transformed rather fast and his sister did not (she still shows some signs). Though he knew that there’s probably something wrong with the drug, he continued to take it in order to get some money for the experiment. Then when he first transformed, he killed Tsubaki.


It’s really unfortunate for Gareki. He had to witness his brother transformed into a Varuga and killed right in front of his eyes. At least he isn’t the one who killed him. Hirato arrived and finished the business. Too bad, he died without realizing that Gareki doesn’t hate him. It is rather cliché, “Kill me! I don’t want to hurt anymore anymore. I’m begging you” type of scene. But at least, it was handled well.

The trio is so weak against the Varugas. Yogi, yeah he’s somewhat powerful but with Nai and Gareki around (in their current state), they are dragging him down. It made some suspense about what’s going to happen especially when I saw Yogi lying on the ground. What are they going to do? Will Circus appear and save the day? I want to see the other characters so badly now!

All of my fanboying last week is replaced by a dark and tragic feeling. However, since I’m not that attached to the characters (the twins) I didn’t feel too bad for them. This episode also feels monotonous with that heavy and dark atmosphere all throughout. I was waiting for more flashy things to happen but then the happy and upbeat ED played. It really cuts the serious atmosphere.

I don’t know what to look forward next week. Maybe they’ll continue with the main plot now? I wish to see the cute and flashy side of Karneval again soon because I’m quite disappointed with this episode.

6 stars

4 thoughts on “Karneval Episode 5 – Fly Somewhere… Far Away

  1. So you prefer the flashiness over the darkness. Fair enough. Also, I don’t know much about emotional attachment. It happens at random with me and is unpredictable. Nobody can tell me when I should feel bad for someone or not.

    In short, I felt bad for Tsubame because she’s cute.

    • Yeah, that reason is way too random. But I guess, the same goes for me when I felt bad for Nai 🙂

      Anyway, flashy side of Karneval is awesome.

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