Kimi to Boku 2 – The Bittersweet Story of the Monkey and the Lamb

Chizuru and Mary

I’m so happy I could cry.

So happy I could smile.

I’m happy that I love you.

–       Chizuru Tachibana [Episode 7]

My blog has been running out of contents lately aside from my usual episodic posts so I come up with this idea – ANIME MOMENTS posts. Instead of reviewing the shows that I’ve watched, I decided to just pick the most memorable moments/scenes and write something about it or most likely, how much I love it. So without any further ado, let’s start.

Watching Kimi to Boku has been a really great experience for me. In fact, I consider it as one of my all time favorites!

What’s so great about this show?

Yes, it doesn’t have a complex plot. It is not the “genius” type of anime with lots of twists and turns. But the beauty of this show comes from its simplicity. The story is rather laidback and very relaxing to watch especially the almost “real life” character interactions and their development as an individual.

This show is episodic in nature but there are some running themes and plot lines. And one of my favorite and maybe one of the best moments of this show is about the bittersweet scenes among Chizuru, Mary and Shun.


Mary is the guys’ kohai in their high school. She once bullied Shun for helping her when she injured her knee. I wouldn’t go on so much detail about that incident, but because of Shun’s nice personality, she developed a romantic feeling for him. Even though she kept on denying it at first, it’s very obvious. Later on, without realizing it, Chizuru developed a crush on her.

So we’re going to dig on the romance department. One of the best aspects of this show is that the romance is focused on the guy’s side. And I must say that it’s one of the best out there.

looking from afar

looking from afar

In the pre-Christmas episode, Chizuru was starting to recognize his feelings for Mary. But he knew damn well that she likes Shun. Since his world started to revolve around her, he became more focused on her so he’s aware on how much she loves Shun. It just shows on her actions and indifference to others. No matter how hard he tries to steal her attention from him, helping her during the most crucial times, her world simply revolves around Shun. It’s like he’s always watching her from afar (those beach clippings).

The best part of that episode is when Chizuru gave up his gift to Mary so that she can give hers to Shun. Girls are so into details. When the ribbon of her gift became a little crook, she was so upset because she wanted everything to be perfect for her beloved. The slight disorder in her plan spooked her away from giving it to him.  Chizuru didn’t want to waste Mary’s effort and feelings for Shun so he gave up his own (the gift).

I wanna give him a hug

I wanna give him a hug

I am so touched when he shoved Mary forward, encouraged her to give the gift to Shun and he was left crying in the rain. Like really, it must have been really painful for him. Yet, he smiled and felt happy for her. It just shows how much he cared for her even to the point of putting her happiness above his. Thankfully, his kindness paid off when Mary invited her to share an umbrella.

Now, the Valentines episode. Chizuru became more and more infatuated to Mary, even having a (wet)dream about her. As much as his feelings for Mary grow, that’s the same for Mary’s feelings for Shun. She spent a week of sleepless nights in creating the best chocolate for Shun. However, when a girl from another school confessed and gave her chocolates to Shun, she became conscious that hers is not as good. The thing is, she’s very conscious on Shun’s idea of her. She wants everything to be perfect and if she sees a slight imperfection, she’ll easily give up. Chizuru knows her too well now so he comes to encourage her, again, to continue. But in the end, she didn’t try again.


Now, when she saw Shun rejects the girl, her hopes crumbled. She always believed that Shun would accept her feelings for him. She began to think that he might also not accept her feelings. Yes, she became uncertain. A guy like Shun, who’s good to everyone, she might have thought (and so am I) that he’ll just accept the confession. Sadly, he didn’t.




And Chizuru’s confession came. It really surprised me because he did that out of nowhere. For me, that was the sweetest confession I’ve seen. It’s simple yet really genuine. It just feels really right. I admit I even tear up a little for him. He confessed with such a smile on his face even though he knew how much she loved Shun (seeing her cry over him). I’ve never seen a show handle this well, from a male’s perspective. And suddenly he throws those lines (the quote above), gosh!

Of course, Mary is shocked. She’s so focused to Shun to recognize Chizuru’s feelings for her. She even said…

“Why did you have to say that…? I mean… You’re you!”

The idea of him liking her never crossed her mind. For her, he’s always the Chizuru who keeps on bickering and annoying her. The Chizuru who’s there supporting her when she’s down. He’s starting to grow on her but she’s still shocked by his confession. But I know deep down, she likes him more than she realized.

chizuru and mary -02

After the confession, during the Graduation Ceremony, they became awkward with each other but were resolved in the end. The show didn’t show what happened next to their love story because, like in real life, it’ll develop in their right time.

I really love this couple and I do hope that they’ll eventually end up together. I know it’ll be hard for both. Shun seems to be not interested in Mary in that kind of way (NO he’s NOT gay!). It’ll took so long before she gives up on him. And for Chizuru, I think he’ll just wait for her. He’ll wait until she feels the same way for him. I really hope there’s a third season but… oh well.

I don’t know if my feelings are being justified by this post, but really, it’s really done well. The music is spot on. I even put an effort in searching and downloading it! The sudden pause, then continuation after the confession… NICE JOB!

Anyway, I’m really sad that some people dismissed this show just because of its simplicity. But sometimes the simplest story beats the overcomplicated plot. I mean, there’s beauty in simplest things. I would definitely recommend this show.

It’s bittersweet and heart-warming.

Kimi to Boku always manages to tug on my heartstrings in some way or another, and I’ll definitely always remember this anime.

The Lamb and The Monkey

The Lamb and The Monkey


4 thoughts on “Kimi to Boku 2 – The Bittersweet Story of the Monkey and the Lamb

  1. I DO really2 love this series. And my favorite scene in the anime is this confession ( in manga, my favorite scene is azuma sensei and akira’s story). You write it down very well about how I feel of their relationship. How chizuru always put her happiness over his. Their feelings was just so pure. I wish there will be the 3rd season and they could end up together.

    I agreed with you that many people said that this series was too boring and simple, I always try to recommend this series to my friend, but it seems that it didn’t suit their taste.
    But after read your writing, I’m so happy that there’s other people who love this series as much as I do -even more-.


    Ps : I download all the song from this series and I love all of it. My favorite is Kimi to boku no banka.

    • Thank you! I am also glad to see someone who gives the love Kimi to Boku deserves! This is a great show. They don’t know what they are missing.

      Anyway, I would like to get spoiled but I also don’t want to. I am not reading the manga so I am curious about Azuma and Akira.

      P.S. Same here. My fave is Zutto ☺

      • Hi again..

        Well the manga is basically same with the anime. But in anime it more well-ordered. In manga, there’s a story about azuma and akira’s junior highschool time. Showing how strong their friendship and spoiled akira. He’s so small and cute in manga. So lovely! You have to read it.. And I love the art of it’s manga more than the anime.😅

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