Final Impressions – RDG: Red Data Girl


Stuffs happened but I didn’t get it.

This show looks promising at the very beginning. There’s the air of mystery and romance going on inside the show and I like it. However, I feel that the show focused greatly on our heroine’s growth, coming out of her shell and accepting who she is, that I think I missed what the hell is going on. There are a lot of subplots introduced and yet all the show did is just to scratch the surface without having the real intention of going deeper. There’s this World Heritage competition of some sort, the Souda triplets and the Himegami issue all of which are not fully explained. The show did try to clarify some things by adding some info-dumping scenes, which left me with headache. I find it hard to follow some conversations because they keep on spouting names that I don’t recall. Reason? They are introduced and then they are gone without doing that much in the show.


Despite the convoluted plot, I find myself looking forward for the next episodes. I didn’t find this show boring at all. Maybe because I was trying to decipher what’s going on this show. Or maybe, Izumiko and Miyuki’s growth is just so cute to miss. I was looking forward for more “BANG!” from this show since they have powers of some sort but oh well; I think the last episode satisfied my demand.


Good thing this show has great visuals, animation and character designs. It helps in the overall atmosphere of the show with its dim but well-defined backgrounds. The characters are all beautiful; I just hope that they are utilized in the story more.

Red Data Girl - 07 - Large 07

Overall, I had a pretty nice experience with RDG. This show really has a potential if the writing was more focused. I’ll rewatch it one of these days and try to figure out more about this show. Anyway, I just want to share. I asked someone why it is titled as Red Data Girl and he told me that he thinks that I’m skipping the OP, which I was not. Then I looked at it again and then realized the reason behind the title. Yeah, I am stupid.

3 thoughts on “Final Impressions – RDG: Red Data Girl

  1. i was confused watching this anime the whole time. it’s only saving grace is the art. the characters were beautifully drawn and the back drafts were so breath-taking.

    • Well, you’re not the only one. At first I thought that I’ve been confused because I don’t know that much about Shintoism but I guess this show is really just confusing.

    • As expected of P.A. Works.

      I still don’t really understand what was going on with the three sibling, and i probably never will. To be honest, I think most of the questions I have about the show are intentionally left unanswered. Whether that is good or bad is up for discussion.

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