Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 3 – The First Class Trial

Leon's Death


Poor Leon.

Poor Maizono.


Wait, with what is going to happen to all of them I should pity them ALL!

Lemme just say that this episode is really great! Nothing much happened, they just discussed, talked, and talked about Maizono’s case to save their own butts, but I feel the adrenaline rush throughout the episode. I already know who the killer is, the clue is just SO easy. Also, some shit in tumblr spoiled it to me.

She's my girl!

She’s my girl!

The character’s reactions and how they serve as a device to solve this murder case are what made this show so entertaining. We have this super suspicious gal, whom I’m starting to like even more. She’s annoyingly stupid but still, she’s awesome! We also have the detective, Kirigiri (as expected from her get-up). I thought that Celestia and the glasses guy would play a much better role in this investigation but I guess its Kirigiri and Naegi’s moment this week. Can I safely assume that Kirigiri is the main heroine now?

These two will last long... I feel it

These two will last long… I feel it

The others don’t stand out because they just either talk a one-liner or just stay still as if they’re just a mannequin. Oh, wait… Asahina also talked a lot, I’m surprised. Maybe she’s next? The Sakura-chan reveal didn’t work for me though, is that supposed to make me laugh or what?

Maizono originally planning out the murder struck in my mind because of her yandere vibes last week. She has the motivation. Unfortunately, her plan backfired and that lead us to Leon committing the murder. A murder for self-defense. Maybe he also saw that as an opportunity to get out of that Academy, but as he said, everyone can also be in his situation. He’s just so unlucky to trust Maizono’s letter.

This is what happened...

This is what happened…

Who’s the one at fault? Is it Leon’s, the one who defended himself for self-preservation? Is it Maizono’s, who attempted to murder someone to break free from that hellish academy? I think both of them are, in some ways, at fault but most of the blame goes to the system. It works just like that in real world, but don’t let me start with that one.

These are the clues, where were they last week?

These are the clues, where were they last week?

Most of us already guessed that Leon did it. But I didn’t put an effort in solving how he did it!  Maybe because we aren’t given that much tour to the environment and the evidence to work out with. Time constraint yeah, but if it’ll go on like this, I won’t be able to keep up in solving the mysteries. That would be a shame.

His face...

His face…

Leon’s reaction is so funny and creepy at the same time. It’s creepy in the sense that I can see some people reacting the same way when put in that kind of situation. Losing the calm and all. But who won’t? When what awaits you when you were discovered is a gruesome/dumb way to die.

Anyway, the mystery isn’t that impressive, but since it’s just the first one, it’s forgivable. The overall atmosphere made up for it so the episode is still great.  I think that the change in animation and art style is good and it gives off some unique feel. It makes me want to play the game to see the uncensored version of Leon’s death.

I’m looking forward for a more fun guessing game… Make it harder next time… and more focused on the clues and the environment, please?

8 stars

9 thoughts on “Danganronpa: The Animation Episode 3 – The First Class Trial

  1. I actually didn’t try to guess at all and went along with the ride so the reveal and the mystery really worked for me. I love how this reminds me of Ace Attorney with the trial system, although my guess is that it’ll get easier and easier as it goes along, what with there being less suspects and all.

    This is definitely an anime I’m going to try and avoid getting spoiled on. Am loving it so far!

    And ugh, that fucking bear…

    • Well, it still worked for me because I wanted to confirm if my guess was correct. Also, that’s how I’m going to approach this show, I want to join the guessing game. I just hope that the anime will give me the chance.

      Yeah, I’m also trying my best not to be spoiled but I think I’ve already seen some spoilers. Fvck tumblr! >.<

  2. The thing is, I’m not confident the mysteries are going to get any better. After all, we’re eventually going to get down to the last of the characters in 10 eps. Um, I no longer have hopes for this adaptation anymore. I think I better play the video game…

    • That’s true. But still, that opens a chance for Leon to get out of that place. Of course, he wouldn’t want to miss that chance so he decided to kill her. Like I said, both are at fault here but not as major as the system that causes them to act that way 🙂

  3. Honestly, you’re better off playing the actual game or reading the Let’s Play translations. A lot of the fun in this game is the social interactions and the suspense…which the anime lacks. Characters are gona seem really flat since the anime cuts out most of their dialogue that made them interesting. I don’t think anyone really cares about the characters at this point in time since noone really knows the characters well enough to like them [except from like…stereotypes].

    The atmosphere and buildup is mostly lost in this adaptation because they only have 13 episodes so it’s pretty much going to be 2 episodes per case…Which in my opinion is definitely not enough. In the game, there was a lot more free time with nothing happening [mostly character interaction and development], so when a murder actually happens [usually on like the 4th/5th day or so], it hits you harder.

    The mystery cases do get better after the first case [because the first case was a massive tutorial so it had to be somewhat easier], but later it gets harder. Not necessarily harder in the whodunit section, but more on the howdunit part and putting all the evidence together [the second case was the best IMO].

    Other than the mystery of “Who is the culprit”, there should be a lot of mystery of why they are stuck in the school and are the only ones there, who Monobear is, how come noone is coming to save them, etc etc. There’s a lot of suspense around that [esp when they investigate a new area], but it’s not really emphasised or shown in the anime…[I watched episode 4 already so I know.]

    So I strongly suggest everyone who’s watching the anime to stop now and play the game or read/watch a translated Let’s Play. The anime is like a good “Summary” of the game, showing you the skeleton of the game [plot/mystery] but not the flesh [social interaction/investigation].

    “I’m looking forward for a more fun guessing game… Make it harder next time… and more focused on the clues and the environment, please?”

    I can tell you now that it’s not going to happen. They’re going to breeze through the clues/evidence and head straight for the trial after getting all the evidence. The environment, as I said above…about the mystery of the school etc, is not going to be emphasised [or not until later…maybe].

    [Sorry long post, I just felt like anime-only viewers are going to be disappointed in the anime even though it’s such a good game. So here’s me trying to convince people to play/read the game instead xD The anime is like a giant massive spoiler for the game so I prefer people who hasn’t played yet to stop watching the anime and play first! Oh and avoid spoilers as much as possible because there is a quite a few twists later on.]

    • As an anime-only viewer, I think the way the show presents itself is fine. If it had bothered to include all the details from the actual game, the dialogue and exposition would feel incredibly clunky, more so than it already. If all the conversations that were written to add depth to the characters in the game were put in the anime, the pacing would feel awkward – we’re not able to control the pace here. This way, we get the streamlined experience of the plot without having to put the hours in playing the game.

      On that note, a translated Let’s Play isn’t going to capture the exact feeling of the game either and I would only recommend it for people who just really enjoy reading something over watching it. What you’re prescribing is essentially the same thing as the anime itself: it’s a bunch of spoilers that merely lays out the plot and dialogue of the game.

      TLDR; I think this is a good adaptation of an extremely text-heavy game. The fact that it’s so light and yet still manages to convey the essence of the game’s plot is what makes it effective as a television show.

      I didn’t write this comment to diss you, by the way 🙂 I just got the impression that Shiizumi enjoyed the anime as well and I quite like his coverage as an anime-only viewer. It makes it easier for me, at least, to relate to his perspective. I’m not interested in comparisons to the game, just in the story as I see it happening. Personally, I’d want to read the entire LP afterwards so it doesn’t affect how I see the anime as it’s airing.

    • So I strongly suggest everyone who’s watching the anime to stop now and play the game or read/watch a translated Let’s Play.

      This is a bit too much from you. Yeah, from a gamer like you, you can certainly distinguish what’s wrong and differentiate the game and the TV series well. But telling to those who are currently enjoying the show to STOP? Nuh-uh.

      I know that you only said that for the benefit of us who only know Danganronpa from the TV Series. You want us to experience the BEST Danganronpa can offer. But so far, I’m enjoying this show, what does that make me then? Certainly, the show lacks the development that the characters deserve and the pacing of this show is tad bit too fast but I’m still optimistic that the show will do something about it. Well, at least so that the show won’t me a complete mess.

      Anyway, I appreciate the thought… Really! But I have to agree with Froggy-kun here 😉

      Thanks for the comment, it’s the longest I’ve ever received. For that, you won a virtual cookie!!! 😀

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