Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 2


What a great episode! Magi does step it up early this season eh? There are a lot of character developments for all the essential characters and I’m loving it! Things are going to be great from here on out.

They're all going their separate ways. So sad.

They’re all going their separate ways. So sad.

The group that was brought together by the incident from the first season are now going to walk on their different ways fulfilling their own goals. I like how the episode shows that each of them has different paths they have to walk to.

After discovering the peculiar system within Magnostadt, Aladdin is determined to witness it himself. He believes that something like that happened in his own home country – discrimination between magicians and non-magicians. Well, he has a lot of reasons for going on that journey but that’s the main one. After what happened to Princess Dunya, which is just so sad because Aladdin witnessed her death *sobs*, he needs to investigate the source of the Dark Metal Vessels which consumes the life of its wielder. It is also an opportunity for him to enter the Magnostadt Academy to further enhance his magic and abilities.

Expected as much but it still is so sad...

Expected as much but it is still so sad…

During his talk with Mor and Alibaba, he mentioned that he wanted to remove himself from Sinbad’s radiance. He feels that if he stays longer, he will be consumed by it and he will lose his own purpose, which is kind of correct given that Sinbad is trying to gain his power to his advantage. It’s nice that Aladdin is so mature to know all about this. Well, he IS a magi after all.

So this is Focalor... No weapon huh?

So this is Focalor… No weapon huh?

Again, this episode shows a little bit more of Sinbad’s darker side. I still don’t know if it I’d call it “dark” but Ja’far is foreshadowing regarding this. I must say that currently, Sinbad is a man who will do everything and sacrifice anything for his ideals. For the protection of the country, and of the world. We are shown how cunning and manipulative he is with, Hakuryuu and Kougyoku, the enemy’s people. Be it noted that his fight with Kougyoku has more to it than meets the eye.

Anyway, the episode gives us some interesting pairings. I wonder how many started riding the ship of Alibaba x Kougyoku after their cute and emotional scenes? I mean, they both have lots of similarities. Both have mothers that are prostitutes and they are both outcasted in their Kingdoms because of it. They can really understand one another and I’m glad that they became friends. I can see it furthering down the road of romance, but for now let them be as friends. I just really adore those cute scenes wherein they transform into chibis and all. Cute.

Awwwwwwww <3

Awwwwwwww ❤

Kougyoku, at least, opens up Alibaba’s mind that there are some things that they NEED to do. After Aladdin rejected to bring Alibaba along with him, he doesn’t know what to do. But I guess, he will find it sooner or later.

Don't cry Mor... Please? T_T

Don’t cry Mor… Please? T_T

Now, Hakuryuu x Mor is such a thing now. It’s been quite hinted from the first season that Hakuryuu has some “feelings” for her so it’s not that surprising that he chooses to open up to her rather than to his sister. The two also share some similarities and they can both lick each other’s wounds. The scene regarding Mor is just so emotional though. She can say those sad stuffs that happened to her clan with a straight face. She really is a strong girl. Hakuryuu is shocked by the revelation that she, herself, became a victim of slavery. And with what Hakuryuu said, I think it ignited more of Mor’s desire to go to the Dark Continent and start off her own journey. And as for Hakuryuu, the path towards revenge is just so painful and sad. I don’t want him to end up like Sasuke… C’mon!

Anyway, again, it’s a really great episode from a really good series. I really like how cute and vibrant Magi is on the outside but it tackles all those heavy and dark topics like slavery and discrimination very well.

Even though I’m currently updated with the manga, it’s still enjoyable to watch it animated. Looking forward for more!

9 stars

2 thoughts on “Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 2

  1. Just found your blog! Very cute~. (My favorite bloggers aren’t covering Magi’s 2nd season, so I went a-hunting other sources.)

    It really does feel as though the show has stepped up it’s game, doesn’t it? Plot-wise, character-wise, and animation-wise. Watching the brief spar between Morgiana and Masrur, I was thinking, “Hey, now, animators, this is great and all, but watch your budget. Let’s not do the latter half of this season like you did the first, ok?”

    I actually like Kougyoku and Alibaba as a couple, and ditto from Mor and Hakuryuu, but Mor’s crush on Alibaba is also ridiculously cute… Frankly, no matter how the romance gets played out, I think I’ll be happy.

    Aladdin’s decision to not stay in Sindria, eclipsed and drawn into Sinbad’s radiance, is a great character moment, for him, for Sinbad, and for Alibaba. I know I’ve seen a similar character motivation before, in Berserk, with Guts’ desire to find a path for himself away from Griffith’s shadow, and I’m fairly sure I’ve seen it in some other manga and anime as well. Hyouka, I think, and maybe Oofuri, both in more subtle forms than here. It’s a recurring motivation, but it seems very un-Japanese. Rather than trying to “not make waves”, and not stick out, it’s about standing out even when you’re surrounded by exceptional people. Most interesting.

    • I’m glad you found my blog! Yeah, there aren’t that much pipz blogging about this show because, maybe, it’s a second season.

      Anyway, I’d like to comment some things about the “ships” in Magi as well as about Sinbad and all but I’d rather reserve it to my next post (which is quite late because *ahem* exams).

      Thanks for the comment anyway 🙂

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