Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Episode 5

aum madaura

We are now close to the part of the manga that I really don’t want to happen. Oh wait, it will be next episode! I need to prepare my heart. I just wish that they‘d handle it well, unlike this episode.

You see, things are progressing real fast but at an awkward pace. This episode felt more dragged than usual, which I shouldn’t have minded at all if it weren’t so evident. Maybe because they’re rushing things so that we’ll be able to enter the new grand arc?

I don’t complain much regarding the differences made during some anime adaptations, but when it ruins the source material, even a little bit, I just can’t keep my mouth shut. Look at what the mess A-1 made at the finale of the first season! It made things inconsistent regarding the usage of dark metal vessels. Oh wait, I better stop talking about it now. I know I’m not supposed to compare things and all, sorry.

Such a badass

Such a badass

Going back, they changed some things last episode and I didn’t mind it at all since it could result to some interesting things. However, it just made things look a bit dumber. Why kidnap Aladdin alone if Orba thinks that the rest of the gang are also kids? Also, Aladdin being together with Aum Madaura seems to be out of place. Well whatever. What I’m more pissed is that they skipped a certain battle scene which could’ve made this episode more action packed.

Okay, my dearest Morgiana kicks some ass and continues to be awesome this episode. But that fight alone is a little bit less exciting than usual.



I also felt disconnected with this episode somehow. Yeah, I pity those cute little kids pointing their blades towards Ali, Haku and Mor and it breaks my heart to see them beg for their mother’s safety. But that’s just it. Their encounter with Aum Madaura and her Holy Mother Halo Fan is the part where I felt a little bit disconnected. I dunno why, I should sympathize with everyone because they are longing for their mothers, but I can’t. And the way they escaped the spell is also a bit cheesy. Gosh, Aladdin at least use some magic or something.

Anyway, a new threat on this arc arises and it’s Hakuryuu. He is still under the control of Madaura’s Magic Tool. He uses Body Djinn Equip and attacks his friends. He is still hiding some secrets about his past that even Morgiana doesn’t know about. He mentioned before that Al Thamen killed his siblings and father and that her sister whom he considered as his mother raised him. So, where is his mother? We get to see some flashbacks about his “kind and gentle” mother though and by his action, he really wanted to protect her.

The not-so-full body djinn equip

The not-so-full body djinn equip

What can those three do against a person who used Body Djinn Equip? Well, at least that’s something to look forward to next episode. I really do hope that they will handle it right this time because I want a second heartbreak (I’m a masochist, eh?).

6 stars

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