Final Impressions – Kyoukai no Kanata


Oh, it’s this time of the season again. Shows are starting to end left and right. And the first one to take its final bow is Kyoukai no Kanata.

I’ve really enjoyed this show. Honest. It did fail to deliver what I’ve been expecting it to accomplish but still, the overall result is quite satisfying. Okay, I take that the ending is somewhat lacklustre but the whole ride is still fun.

Beyond the Boundary is one of the shows that I’ve been looking forward to before the start of this season. It’s from one of my favorite studios, Kyoto Animation, that is well known for their great visuals, character designs and animation.

it damn hurts!

it damn hurts! No.. not really

I think the first half suffered from identity crisis. It was tagged as “dark fantasy” so I was expecting some “creepy” and “eerie” atmosphere. I didn’t get that though. It tried to blend comedy and slice of life to the show, which is not bad if it was not overdone. They focused more on the humour and cutesy side of the story. However, by the time the second half came, I’d like to think that episode 10 gives justice on how they executed the first half because it covers up some things that are actually happening in the background during those times.

The Kyoukai no Kanata

The Kyoukai no Kanata

By the second half of the show, things got a bit more interesting. In here, I was finally offered the things that I was expecting for a show like Kyoukai no Kanata. It finally felt more fantasy-ish with more fight scenes and mysteries to offer. It was definitely better than the first half but merits must be given to the latter for making me care for some of the characters. However, there are some times that the comedy is SO OUT OF PLACE that it was sapping the enjoyment that I’m feeling on some episodes.

This would've been a better ending

This could’ve been a better ending

My major problem with this show is that, Beyond the Boundary left me in the dark. I know that some things are better off unknown, I know that, but it wouldn’t hurt to explain a little bit about the show’s universe, the nature and mechanisms of their powers and the likes. AND TALK ABOUT THAT ENDING!

Okay, so I’m one of the many who thinks that KnK’s ending is “unpleasant”. The “ending” before that “ending” would’ve been better because – tragedy, hello? The parting actually made me tear up a little, I mean, gosh after that brilliant episodes, 10 and 11, I finally cared about their love towards each other. Giving us some tragic ending would’ve been better than doing “that” and leaving more things unanswered.

Am I allowed to ship them? xD

Am I allowed to ship them? xD

ANYWAY, the characters are at least likeable. Though some lacks the development they deserved and the main casts are somewhat “weak”, I can still care about them. Hiroomi is definitely the BEST character of the show. I mean, he’s a fab! Watch the last episode of KnK shorts and you’ll know what I mean. Akihito is also funny, especially with his antics with Hiroomi. And as expected, SHIPS!

There are also some characters that I would like to have some importance to the plot but never got the chance to have one. Like Nina-san and Ai. They seem like… just there. Ai is an anime original character though, so I kind of understand. She got a lot of appearance in the anime shorts so that’s okay. Mitsuki is also a disappointment for me. Though she definitely has the personality, I expected some “BANG” with her character.

The animation on this episode is so COOL

The animation on this episode is so COOL

The music of this show is also great. The OP and ED song and sequence are one of my favourites this season!

Overall, I enjoyed those 12-week ride with Kyoukai no Kanata. I think I’m one of the few. Though the show could’ve been better, I can’t do anything about that anymore but to accept what was offered. If there will be another season, with lots of untied things to settle, I’ll definitely be watching that again. That’s because it’s one of the shows that offered one of the greatest moments in anime this season – that IDOL episode!



5 thoughts on “Final Impressions – Kyoukai no Kanata

  1. Okay, so, it looks like we agree on everything about this series. Hiromi is definitely the Best Character. (I preferred shipping him with his sister, though, because, lol, wincest.)

    It looks like that ending was a major point of contention for many! I did see people complaining about it. I did think it was rushed, but not too bad, I guess? In the end, it felt very “safe”.

    In the end, this was a series that failed to live up to its potential, but it did have its moments – that idol scene for starters!

    Hmmm, now I want to write about this series too 🙂

    • I preferred shipping him with his sister, though, because, lol, wincest.

      Couldn’t have said it better myself. Although if every interaction with Akihito couold be like that armpit scene, I think I could deal XD

    • Yeah, that’s it. It felt so safe.

      Anyway, I guess I have no choice but to concur to the both of you regarding the ships? I’ve also enjoyed the interactions between those siblings xD

  2. Kyoukai from start till end of ep 11 was my cup of tea, it had beautiful animation and likeable characters, hehe especially Hirooomi ( he’s so awesome ), but like i said, only up till episode 11.
    From the moment i felt the anime was ending, i was like ” oh, shit, no no, this can’t be, i still have so many unanswered and i havn’t gotten enough of Hiroomi yet to let this end. NOOOO” basically, i hated that this anime had ended so abruptly, with so many gaps unfilled. i’m positive they’ll make a second season, if not then i really don’t want it to end like this, but then again who cares about my opinion 😛

    • I agree. It’s not really that bad to left some things unanswered but for me, KnK has left so many of them and it even introduced some new mysteries!

      Anyway, don’t belittle your own opinion. Be proud of it. If you don’t care about your own then who will? 🙂

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